Arizona-based Legacy Cares, Inc. along with Legacy Sports USA, announced today that Legacy Sports Park, a privately owned 320-acre multi-use family sports and entertainment complex will be built in Mesa, Arizona. The project will be located at Ellsworth and Pecos roads next to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport area and will open to the public in January 2022. Legacy Sports Park will create over 1,500 jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in direct economic impact back to the surrounding community. The park is expected to attract over three million visitors annually.

Legacy Sports Park is the vision of Randy J. Miller, Chairman of Legacy Sports USA, Chad J Miller, CEO of Legacy Sports USA and Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O’Brien, Director of Performance Training at Legacy Park. “This project is the culmination of years of perseverance and planning. We have brought together a world-class team in order to bring this dream to fruition” stated Randy J Miller.

Legacy Cares, Inc. (Legacy Cares), the owner of Legacy Sports Park is a 501(c)(3) entity incorporated in Arizona, dedicated to creating life-changing opportunities for all individuals through access to family entertainment facilities centered on youth sports. Legacy Cares’ philosophy is to provide athletes and non-athletes of all ages, economic backgrounds and levels of athletic proficiency, the opportunity to participate in sports while fostering the enjoyment and camaraderie of teamwork and perseverance, key components in athletic competition and lifetime success.

“Legacy Cares, Inc., is thrilled that Randy, Chad and Dan’s dream of Legacy Sports Park will soon be a reality. We are proud to be working with Legacy Sports USA, the developer and manager of Legacy Sports Park to create a Sports and Entertainment complex and further the mission of Legacy Cares, Inc by providing athletes and their families in the Valley of the Sun, throughout North America and around the world with a safe, friendly, high quality environment in which to experience different sporting, artistic, educational and entertainment events and amenities, stated Douglas Moss, President of Legacy Cares, Inc.

“Legacy Sports and Family Entertainment Park is designed to encompass a lifetime for sports enthusiasts from youth sports facilities to senior sports programming,” said Chad Miller, CEO and President of Legacy Sports USA.

“This project will transform the youth sports & family entertainment industry across the United States. Legacy Park is not just a sports complex, but a true family entertainment center with dining options, athletic apparel shops, as well as venues for concerts and various artistic events. A facility such as this is long overdue in the Arizona Market. Legacy Park will provide a variety of playing fields and indoor team sports facilities designed with the latest in athletic technologies. It will offer an opportunity for athletes of all ages and levels of proficiency to develop their skills in a multitude of sports. The amateur athlete will be training and competing on the same facilities used by the professionals”, added Miller.

In addition, Legacy Sports Park will also include a multi-purpose arena and outdoor amphitheater designed for live events, family shows, exhibitions, and conventions.

The City of Mesa is excited to welcome Legacy Sports USA to the community,” said Councilmember Kevin Thompson who represents Mesa’s District 6. “We’re committed to entrepreneurial thinking and working with enterprising businesses like Legacy Sports USA to provide ways for families and neighbors to get out and have fun together. Research shows that communities and local economies are improved by making recreational activities more readily available.”

With a population of more than 500,000, Mesa, Arizona is the 35th largest city in the United States and second largest in the Phoenix-Mesa metro area and is larger than Miami, Minneapolis, Atlanta and St. Louis, making it an attractive location for a growing business.  The area located at Ellsworth and Pecos, just east of Mesa Gateway Airport, offers incredible accessibility to the freeway and other major thoroughfares, the area’s growing family population, and strong participation in youth and adult sports.

The project will be developed in one single phase constructing outdoor and indoor team athletic facilities geared to high energy entertainment, sports venues. The goal is to provide athletic competition, entertainment, and the means to facilitate physical and mental wellness.

Details on largest privately-owned multi-sport facility in the United States:

The outdoor facilities include the development of:

• Multi-field soccer complex that includes 23 soccer fields with the ability to expand to 50

• One 8,000-seat Multi-purpose Stadium

• Soccer Performance Playground mirrored after Manchester United’s performance playground

• 20 Sand Volleyball Courts, including one Stadium Court

• 40 Pickleball Courts, including one Stadium Court

• Six Sand Soccer fields

• Eight baseball/softball fields including one baseball/softball Stadium

• 50-acre special events area for concerts, festivals, and events

The park will also feature an indoor multi-sports building that will house:

•  62 volleyball courts including (1) Multi-purpose Arena

• 16 NBA basketball courts with (1) Multi-purpose Arena

• Six Olympic size Futsal Courts

• 75,0000-square-foot eSports Arena

• 50,000-square-foot Gymnastics, Cheer, and Dance Center

• Youth Gym / Child Care Center

• Yoga Studios

• 25,000-square-foot Sports Performance Center headed up by Olympic Goal Medalist – Dan O’Brien

• 25,000-square-foot General Fitness Center, with health, fitness, wellness, and nutrition coaches

• 20,000-square-foot Sports bar and restaurant

• Food Courts

• Athletic Apparel Shops

The Legacy Sports Park will also include a multi-purpose outdoor amphitheater designed for concerts, family shows, exhibitions, and conventions.

Legacy Sports Park also announced an extensive partnership with Oak View Group, a highly respected global venue development, advisory, and investment company. Oak View Group will be responsible for securing a naming rights partner and founding partners for the property, attracting top-quality events to the indoor arena, outdoor amphitheater, and festival grounds. Additionally, once opened, Oak View Group will manage and operate Legacy Sports Park.

“The Legacy Sports Park will be a one-of-a-kind destination for aspiring athletes, sports enthusiasts, and more,” said Peter Luukko, Chairman, OVG facilities. “We look forward to bringing our many Oak View Group resources to Mesa to identify and create exciting opportunities for Legacy Sports Park.” 

Oak View Group is at the forefront of assisting arenas, stadiums, and convention centers worldwide in the new protocol to reopen facilities post-COVID-19.

“Oak View Group is a worldwide leader in operating some of the biggest sports and entertainment properties around the world,” said Chad Miller. “Oak View Group will be an integral part of Legacy Sports Park and we look forward to working closely with them on securing a naming rights partner for us, attracting top-notch events for the region, and properly operating our venue safely and comfortably for our guests, competitors, and visitors.”

With expansive first-class fields and facilities, Legacy Sports Park anticipates drawing participants from all over the United States and throughout the world. The national and international competition and accompanying visitors will provide a forum for the exchange of cultural and educational philosophies through athletic competition regardless of nationality, religion, or socioeconomic background.

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