Crystal Washington

Crystal Washington, owner of CWM Enterprises, is a social media guru. She has helped large companies such as Google and Microsoft harness the utility of the Internet’s networking tools and find freedom from any hesitation professionals have about promoting themselves on a limitless stage. Here are her top tips for women in commercial real estate.

1. Use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more male dominated, but it’s the one social network that is 100-percent business.

2. Use keywords. Keywords are not just for website SEO. LinkedIn runs off keywords, so users should put extra thought into the terms that appear on a profile. Ask: Are these words I expect my clients to use when searching for my services? Another option is using a LinkedIn automation tool.

3. Use contacts. The second-most popular way to find people on LinkedIn is through similar connections. A profile will appear higher in searches if there is some degree of connection between the searcher and your profile.

4. Use groups. Groups consist of a target market. It helps profiles wind up higher in a search queue when they have groups in common.

5. Use good photos. Don’t use your daughter’s “my first Barbie camera” picture of you or a cute picture of a Cancun vacation. Invest in professional head shots. These can be creative. You don’t want to look theme-y or like you’re at a magazine shoot, but using a head shot can be enough to catch someone’s eye. Also, use current head shots. If you’ve gained or lost 50 pounds, go ahead and update your photo.