The peak rental season is coming to an end, making October the perfect time to identify and rank the areas that have charged the largest rents this year.

Rentcafe‘s most recent report on the most expensive ZIP codes for renters in the U.S. reveals who the new contenders are, and what has remained unchanged since last year.

Here are the highlights for Arizona:

• Arizona’s 10 most expensive ZIP codes are spread throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix, with just one other being located in Chandler.

• Scottsdale opens the top with two ZIP codes. The first is 85254, where the average rent is $1,856, up 7.8% compared to last year. Second place is claimed by ZIP code 85251, registering average rents of $1,764, up 7.3%.

• Phoenix takes five spots, the most expensive being ZIP code 85004, with average rents of $1,762. Rents here had the slowest increase from among the top 10: 3.3%.

• Chandler’s 85286 charges $1,574 on average, but the fact that stands out is the rapid growth of the cost here: 8.9% more compared to last year.

The most-coveted locations for high-paying jobs and endless opportunities, New York City and California grab the most spots in the top 50 as priciest places to live in the U.S. Out of the 50 most expensive ZIP Codes, 28 are in New York City, with 26 in Manhattan and one each in Queens and Brooklyn. The ranking is completed by 18 California ZIP codes and 4 ZIP codes from Boston.

ZIP Code 10282 in Manhattan, N.Y., topped the list of average rent with an average monthly rate of $6,211, an increase of 12.4 percent over the last year.