NAI Horizon announced that it assisted in negotiating the sale of the iconic Duke Photography business to local investor Aaron Klusman and his operating partners, Eric and Darcy Carter.

NAI Horizon First Vice President Michael Gaida represented the seller, Darrell Duke, in the disposition of the business. The buyer was Klusman Family Holdings, LLC, Aaron Klusman.

Duke Photography was established more than 70 years ago.


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“If you grew up in the Valley, chances are Duke Photography touched a part of your life,” Gaida said. “Duke Photography has been a widely known photography business for school, sports, family and commercial portraits serving a vast majority of Arizona residents for generations.  Anyone living in Phoenix for more than 10 years will

recognize the Duke Photography name and the pictures they took of their children in school and sports.”

According to Gaida, the new owners will continue the legacy while bringing the business up to the 21st century with new ideas and concepts to enhance the

photography business.  The Duke family will stay on as a consultant partner, the new owners said.

 “Duke Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I’m really excited for this transition,” Darrell Duke said. “We will be able to continue saving memories by creating beautiful portraits for our community.

“We will continue to serve the several markets we work with now. Fine portraiture, elementary school photos, high school photos and business portraiture. We also do school sports and team sports,” Duke added.

Duke 2.0 will also include the addition of a walk-up coffee shop that will serve small-batch coffee, bagels and other collaborative bites.