NRS Logistics America Inc., a national provider of chemical and gas logistic services, closed on 40 acres in Casa Grande, Arizona, for $7.05 million.  The sale includes 4 acres of rail right of way.

Land Advisors Organization Pinal County Specialists Kirk McCarville, CCIM, and Trey Davis facilitated the deal on behalf of the seller, Auza Ranches. The land is in proximity to the rail-served West Industrial area in Casa Grande, a 1,200-acre future industrial region entirely represented by Land Advisors Organization.

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Auza 650 is the largest shovel ready, rail-served, single-owner industrial park in Casa Grande. The Union Pacific main line runs directly through Casa Grande and connects directly into the Auza 650 property through the Casa Grande Yard. In addition to the transportation benefits of being on the main line, Auza 650 has Interstate 8 and Interstate 10 each within 3 miles of the property.

“Proximity to Phoenix. Proximity to its suppliers in the semiconductor industry. Land price. Housing affordability for employees. This deal made sense on so many levels for NRS Logistics,” McCarville said. “It features unmatched highway and rail access for logistics. It also will experience a positive development environment at the city and county levels. The speed to market and rail service will be unmatched.”

This sale represents a huge leap for the Casa Grande West Industrial area. The development will bring rail across Ethington Road, allowing shovel-ready rail service and other utility services to the rest of the West Industrial area.

The City of Casa Grande and Pinal County have partnered on the development of the area in which the Auza 650 is located by committing more than $50 million to the surrounding infrastructure that is currently under construction.

Casa Grande is no stranger to massive undertakings and is renowned for its record time of being able to get the Lucid Motors facility fully up and running in just one year from initial approvals.

Over the past two years, Casa Grande has received significant attention at the national and international levels with announcements by major manufacturers expanding or relocating to the market. Land Advisors Organization has facilitated bringing many companies to the area, such as Lucid Motors, Kohler, Chang Chun Chemical and Air Products. There is tremendous interest from manufacturers, semiconductor supply chain and electric vehicle manufacturer suppliers and others with rail distribution needs to have facilities in the area. Casa Grande’s population has doubled since 2000, making it the largest city and tax base in Pinal County.