Paul Johnson Drywall, Inc. (PJD) has established a new vendor partnership with Younger Scaffold & Supplies, LLC. (Younger). The agreement requires that Younger will provide heavy-duty scaffolding, safety training and inspections of the equipment onprojects where PJD crews are working. As one of Arizona’s largest drywall contractors, PJD is creating a more efficient and safe work environment forcrews by relying on Younger’s equipment and fall protection expertise, which enables drywall crews to focus on completing their work.

Younger’s complete scaffold safety program complements the PJD safety program and brings an added level of confidence with scaffold experts assigned to provide and inspect the equipment. In addition, crews receive safety training at each site. The program includes using Younger’s high-quality product, which is sturdy, stable and tested; installation by a trained and competent scaffold expert and inspection by a qualified inspector on a regular basis.

“As our business continues to grow, our crews are intent on completing jobs for our customers and we saw this partnership with Younger as a valuable program that increases crew safety on the job, while also ensuring that corners are not being cut,” said Cole Johnson, president of Paul Johnson Drywall.

“Our scaffold experts bring peace-of-mind to customers like Paul Johnson Drywall, allowing their workers to focus on their work while we set the stage for a safe working environment,” said Jeff Younger, owner of Younger Scaffold & Supplies. “We are very pleased to be associating with one of the largest and most reputable drywall contractors in Arizona. It’s good to know that so many construction workers will have our product supporting them,” he added.