The members of Valley Partnership are optimistic that 2015 could finally bring the arrival of the elusive economic recovery that has yet to take hold in the Phoenix Metropolitan. The organization will be working on many fronts to foster a favorable environment for development and redevelopment to ensure process does not stand in the way of progress.

At the local level, the Valley Partnership City/County Committee will continue to work closely with municipal partners to address ways to expedite development without compromising careful consideration of development proposals. As the volume of development has ticked up for commercial projects, neighborhood groups have activated, calling on city councils to tighten regulations on existing and future projects. The committee is focused on new municipal regulations to address these issues and will work with councils, staff and citizens to navigate a path forward that is sensitive to neighborhood concerns while enabling growth.

The Valley Partnership Legislative Committee will maneuver through similar terrain as the 2015 legislative session begins. Valley Partnership will be urging a “do no harm” approach to legislators, with a proactive push toward the continued streamlining of regulatory requirements. We also will advocate for the continuation of policy set in the Brewer Administration in the form of an executive order that halted all non-necessary regulation by state agencies. This “rule-making moratorium” expired on Dec. 31, 2014, and governor-elect Doug Ducey has pledged to consider continuing the measure. Valley Partnership will support the continuation of this policy and other efforts to eliminate regulations that unnecessarily impede progress.

Finally, the Federal Affairs Committee is engaged with Arizona’s congressional delegation to comment on and influence regulations coming out of Washington that will negatively impact Arizona’s economy. Specifically, sweeping new rules could vastly expand the way the Clean Water Act applies to “waters” in the state, the impact of which could be compounded by the designation of several new endangered species.

As always, Valley Partnership remains committed to its mission of responsible growth and working with members to make 2015 a prosperous year.

Carolyn                                                Alisa
Oberholtzer                                        Lyons
Partner, Bergin, Frakes,                       Principal, SLOAN LYONS
Smalley & Oberholtzer                         Public Affairs