As many specialists in the industry will agree, first impressions matter and have an immediate impact on the spectator. Here we share a few tips to increase the selling price of your homes.


Staging is a form of visual marketing that attracts customers. Staging a home can be a lucrative way of raising the price of a home.  However, as experts like the estate agents in Sittingbourne will advise, it also entails disengaging emotionally from the home and looking at it through the critical eyes of a viewer, noticing the pros and cons, and then working on the negative points to make them positive. A fresh lick of paint can also go a long way in staging your property right and increasing your property value

Have a pretty curb

Making the first impression of your home appealing is one of the most crucial, but often overlooked, considerations. The importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated. The windows, as well as the grounds, should be completely cleaned. An overgrown lawn or dirty outside space might turn off a potential buyer faster than anything else. A solid, well-kept front door with matching door knobs can provide protection while also appealing to potential buyers. If there is space for rubbish bin storage, that would also help, as wheelie bins can contribute to an untidy appearance. Most people appreciate having lush gardens, so if you don’t have space for soil plants, window boxes with bright, cheerful flowers could help to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Keep the home lit and bright

Make the most of the light in your home. After location, the one thing that every buyer says they want in a property is good light. Remove the drapes, clean the windows, replace the lampshades, raise the wattage of the light bulbs, and trim the plants outside to allow more light in. Make your home as bright and happy as possible; it will increase its resale value.

Play the role of agent

Make sure you’re working with a knowledgeable estate agent. They must regularly be updated on their property knowledge, be aware of what homes are on the market, and be aware of comparable sales in the area. Find a broker who embraces technology; a tech-savvy broker will have a plethora of tools to help you sell your home.

Keep the critters hidden

You might think that an adorable dog would win over potential purchasers, but you’d be mistaken. Not everyone enjoys dogs or cats. Buyers don’t want to go into your home and see a dish of dog food, smell the cat litter box, or have tufts of pet hair clinging to their clothing. It will convey the appearance that your home is filthy to potential purchasers. Send the pets to a pet motel for the day if you’re having an open house. Seeing a clean and spotless house will help you place a decent raise in the home value.

Don’t go overboard with upgrades

Prior to selling, quick adjustments always pay off. Massive renovations, on the other hand, are another story. If you conduct a major remodeling job before putting your house on the market, you are unlikely to receive your money back. Instead, invest in improvements that will pay off in the long run and ensure you earn top dollar. Repaint the walls with a new layer of paint. Clean the curtains or go out and get some new ones for a low price. Replace doorknobs and cabinet hardware, double-check closet doors for alignment, repair leaking faucets, and clean the grout.

Remove personal items

De-personalizing your home is one of the most crucial things to do when selling it. The more personal items you have in your home, the harder it is for potential buyers to picture themselves living there. Get rid of a third of your belongings and store the rest. This contains personal treasures, family photos, and memorabilia collections. Consider hiring a home stager to help you realize your house’s full potential. Simply put, staging entails arranging your furniture to highlight the floor plan and maximize the amount of space available.

The kitchen is the primary priority

You’re not selling your house; you’re selling your kitchen. The advantages of redesigning your kitchen are numerous, and the greatest part is that you will most likely receive an 85 per cent return on your investment. It may cost a few thousand dollars to replace countertops, but if your kitchen is outdated, a buyer may deduct 10,000 pounds from the asking price. Painting and new cabinet hardware are the quickest and most cost-effective kitchen improvements. Use neutral-colored paint to provide buyers with a blank canvas on which to imagine their own personal style. If you have some extra cash, invest in high-end stainless steel equipment. Why only one? Because when visitors see one high-end equipment, they assume the rest are as well, and it brings the kitchen up to date.

Always be prepared to demonstrate

Your home must always be “show-ready” since you never know when a buyer will stroll through the door. You must be available whenever they request a tour of the facility, and it must be in excellent condition. Dishes should not be left in the sink, the dishwasher should be kept clean, the bathrooms should be spotless, and there should be no dust bunnies in the corners. It’s inconvenient, but it’ll help you sell your home quickly and giving the impression of a clean and organized home will make the home look spacious and help you earn a few extra pounds in the selling price.

Furniture and space

The majority of potential purchasers will examine the amount of space available in order to determine how it may be maximized. It’s critical that they see that every nook and cranny can be used. An attic may be converted into an office and a finished basement into a recreation room. The goal is to make the house appear as large as possible. It’s remarkable how much extra space can be generated by simply moving furniture about or deleting a few pieces of “additional” furniture. Furniture that is placed away from the walls can help make the room appear larger.

There’s no denying that staging a home for presentation to potential buyers can increase the selling price. Professional cleaners and consultants may be hired, depending on the budget, to oversee the cleaning and rearranging of furniture and other fittings to maximize the benefit. If that isn’t possible, a seller can still stage their house to get the greatest price by simply following the recommendations above.