September 22, 2021

Eric Shepperd

How to help your home sell faster

Awaiting a sale on your home can be a nerve-wracking and stressful time. If you are hoping to move to another home soon, this process only becomes more stressful. You want your home sold quickly and for a reasonable price – when this doesn’t happen, you can question what you are doing wrong.

Usually, you aren’t doing anything necessarily wrong. It might just be minor tweaks. However, by making some of the changes you read here, your home is more likely to be noticeable, memorable, and attractive to potential buyers. These tips don’t require significant changes, big-spending, or considerable effort on your part, but they can make a world of difference. So why not try them out?

Change your photos

The reason few people are coming to visit your property may be down to the listing photos. Photos are the first impression people have of your house usually, so you want them to be flattering. By hiring a new real estate photographer, you may find people are more inclined to view the property and, hopefully, put in an offer.

Focus on curb appeal

Once you’ve convinced people to come and visit your property with some new and exciting photos, your next barrier is curb appeal. The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see when they arrive.

A shocking fact is that most buyers make up their minds about a property within the first few minutes of arriving at a property. This makes it clear how important curb appeal is.

In a study by Home Owners Alliance in 2019, it would found that the three most important factors for curb appeal were:

• Windows being in good condition

• Roof being in good condition

• Well-maintained, tidy garden

Considering this information, you can help your home sell faster by focusing on these areas. Do a quick mow of the lawn, and spruce up any flowers or herbs you might have in your front garden. Check your roof for any missing tiles or moss.

When it comes to windows, you have a few options. You could repaint the frames to make them look cleaner and newer. You could also ensure you have things in the window, like flowers on the windowsill. Or, at the very least, you could use some cleaning solution to make sure they aren’t smudged or dirty.

By making these changes, you should stun potential buyers as soon as they arrive.

Tidy, but keep your home personal

If you aren’t receiving any interest in your property, it might be because potential buyers can’t picture themselves in your home. This could be for two reasons: there are too many of your things in the rooms, or there aren’t enough personal items. It sounds like a paradox, right?

The truth is that you need to strike a careful balance between having your house neat so buyers can picture what their things might look like in the home but not so impersonal that they can’t imagine anyone making the house into a home.

The best thing to do is declutter but still keep a personal touch to the rooms.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll find a buyer quickly.