September 22, 2021

Eric Shepperd

Web services and web applications for business: Who needs development and why?

Modern web service is a software product that helps to solve business tasks of different levels of complexity more efficiently. Such a system allows automating production, communication, commercial, and administrative processes. As a result, the interaction between the company’s employees, partners, and other users is simplified and accelerated. This, in turn, helps the business to develop.

Web services and web applications, in fact, often represent a similar product. Mobile applications are a separate category, but they are also very close to the topic at hand. A typical example of a web service is a closed portal for interaction between employees of a company. Or a platform for reporting, automated control of something, for accounting operations, for data exchange, for setting tasks to subordinates, and much more.

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Advantages of web services

Web services have three striking advantages, which certainly seem attractive. And what’s more, for representatives of any business.

1. Cost reduction. By automating processes and instantaneous data exchange, the working time of employees is saved. Material costs decrease (the same costs for stationery and electricity). As a result, free resources are released in the company.

2. Automation. In addition to reducing costs, it also increases efficiency. An accountant no longer needs to make a report. The program takes care of this work. Thus, errors in reports due to the human factor can be avoided. The work cycle is accelerated.

3. Functionality. As a rule, a web service is created for solving several problems. Therefore the efficiency of an organization increases comprehensively. Envisioned in the product functions provide for success on several fronts.

But the main advantage of web services — they are initially developed according to the specifics and tasks of your business. This is not a typical product, which can also be useful. But a unique development that meets the exact requirements, created for your business processes.

Web applications for business

All software products used in commercial or production activities can be divided into 2 categories:

• software that solves internal, local tasks: sales growth, efficiency improvement, simplification of information collection, processing, and use.

• products aimed outward, at working with the external audience, promoting and developing the brand, increasing customer loyalty, etc.

But it is also possible to work with the target audience by other means — through the site, brand platforms in social networks, messengers, video hosting, and other channels, through classic or Internet advertising, by carrying out marketing activities.

There are tasks of working with clients that require the creation of a unique application. For example, affiliate programs, order trackers, accounting for discounts, and so on. Such products can also be developed specifically for your brand.

There is an opinion that creating a web application is an expensive pleasure. The cost is comparable to the price of creating a website, although much depends on the specifics and the volume of tasks to be solved. But the resource, aimed at improving efficiency, in the long run, pays for the cost of development.

In what form business can implement a web service or application

The functionality is usually brought to the fore. Also, a clear and logical interface remains on the main roles. On the secondary ones — design, if this is not an application for working with potential or real customers.

Adaptability and cross-platform are important in terms of design since it is assumed that the web service will be used from devices of different types.

This approach is usually based on priority tasks — to optimize business processes, reduce the load on employees, automate internal interaction. As a result, the business should strive to reach the benefits outlined above.

Forms in which web services and applications can be realized:

• personal accounts;

• services for information exchange;

• software for generating financial and other reports;

• calculators;

• services to make and process applications;

• resources for information storage;

• communication sites;

• databases.

The list is very relative because the above varieties are often combined, and necessary options and functionality are added.

Who needs such development?

Of course, not everyone can benefit from web services. However, there are areas where software products really help take your business to the next level.

As an example, the following areas of business can be cited:

1. Manufacturing. Automation here helps significantly reduce costs.

2. Medical activities. Both in terms of internal data exchange and customer convenience, web applications can be very useful.

3. The restaurant business, especially when a network of remote establishments is opened.

4. Tourism.

5. Car service. You can streamline the processes at service stations and car washes – customer registration, accounting for services provided, keeping loyalty programs.

6. Beauty salons. The thriving industry can be successfully automated, from online appointments to accounting for therapists’ consumables.

7. Fitness centers, sports clubs – both customers and companies can offer advantageous solutions for streamlining price lists, schedules, signing up for training sessions, and recording achievements.

As you can see, the list mainly includes the B2C service sector. But there are also things in other business areas that will help automate web applications.