Adaptive Shelters is the first modular structure manufacturer to produce an Arizona Department of Housing certified residential product utilizing shipping containers. Located throughout the Southwest and West Coast, Adaptive Shelters provides customized, durable, and efficient factory-built structures for residential, commercial, retail, education, and government use.

“With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, it was clear that the benefits of offsite modular construction were not being taking advantage of,” said Co-Founder Dave Arfin. “Having our shipping container homes certified in advance is an added benefit because it removes a step in the building process and allows us to complete projects quickly.” 

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Through a robust design and quality-controlled manufacturing process, Adaptive is creating structures that serve many intended uses including employee housing, multi-family developments, homeless shelters, retail sites, and educational facilities. Adaptive Shelters has proven to be a market leader in offsite construction methods, delivering projects on time and with minimal impact on the environment. Adaptive Shelters’ approach eliminates workflow inefficiencies, reduces waste, and drastically shortens the development cycle compared to traditional site-built construction. 

“Modular structures are a perfect solution for cities like Phoenix that are experiencing significant growth in construction,” said Co-Founder Matt Bays. “Contractors are struggling to find enough skilled labor to keep projects on schedule. We already have a skilled labor force and high-quality control procedures in our factory, which allow us to complete projects at a much faster rate than traditional building methods.” 

Commercial and residential developers alike can capitalize on the many benefits of manufactured structures including reduced labor costs, elimination of weather delays, versatility and more. For more information, visit