In 2018, over 617,000 new construction homes were sold in the United States.

When potential homebuyers are on the market for a new home, they have to make the decision between a new house or a resale. Although there are pros and cons to each decision, new construction has extra perks.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of new construction.

1. Owners Earn Peace of Mind

One of the biggest perks of new construction is the peace of mind it brings owners. When owners buy an older house, they will have to deal with many issues, even if they get the home inspected.

With new construction, owners know everything about the materials and finishes, which ensures them all of the materials are of good quality. They don’t have to worry about faulty repairs or things not being up to code.

2. Choose All the Finishes

When they buy a resale home, owners have to settle for finishes, appliances, and even the color of the walls. If they want to change anything, they sometimes spend thousands of dollars on upgrades.

On the other hand, when they decide to buy new construction, future owners can decide on the finishes and appliances they want for the home. They choose from the color of the walls to the last doorknob, making everything to their liking.

3. Ability to Maximize on Energy Efficiency

With new construction homes, developers look for new ways to improve the energy efficiency of the home. New construction employs the best technology to create energy-efficient homes that reduce utility bills.

For example, this Australian residential property developer builds all of their projects using Energy Star doors and windows. Not to mention, new construction homes are also built using green and renewable materials that have less impact on the environment.

4. Higher Air Quality

Another advantage of new homes is improved air quality. With older homes, owners have to deal with faulty HVAC systems and other issued that might ruin the quality of the home.

New homes offer an airtight building envelope that creates a healthier air quality.

5. Less Maintenance and Repair Costs

As the name suggests, new construction means all of the materials are new. From the construction materials to the appliances, so it could be a while before something needs repairs.

When homebuyers purchase a resale, they don’t know what issues will lie beneath the surface. Once a homeowner discovers these issues, it could cost a lot of money to repair them.

6. Builder’s Warranty

Most new construction homes include a builder’s warranty, which gives homeowners peace of mind. Most builder’s warranty includes fixtures, appliances, materials, structure, and workmanship in the policy.

Buyers who purchase a resale home don’t have the same luxury. Once the deal closes, the las owner is not responsible for making any repairs.

These are the Perks of New Construction

Now that you know the perks of new construction, you can decide if purchasing a new home is right for you.

With new construction homes, you get a builder’s warranty, less maintenance, and you get to choose the finishes.

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