After working with New York City REITs finest, recent buyers traveled thousands of miles from their hometown to start up a new business in “Old Town” Scottsdale, but wait, that is not where they ended up.  Judy Jones with Sperry Van Ness, LLC sold them a property at 2546 E. Indian School Rd. for $275,000 and here’s why.

“Buyers don’t usually end up buying what they describe as the property they want to buy.” Those were the words of Jones’ mentor, a successful broker when she first began commercial real estate.  With Jones’ savvy background and her own successes over the years, her mentor referred the New York investors to Judy Jones and the rest is history.

“It is great to work with buyers who have experience, creativity and vision.  When a buyer can appreciate the value of seller financing, and has the motivation, skill and initiative to completely change a property through renovation, it is a very gratifying experience,” Jones said of their multi-family quest to redevelop the Indian School corridor because it was a better investment.

The Lockhart’s, the buyers expressed, “through her experience in the Phoenix/Scottsdale real estate market, and as an investor/landlord, Judy was able to identify properties for us that fit perfectly into our investment strategy.”