Sperry Van Ness has been a recognized company brand in the Commercial Real Estate industry across the nation for many years.  From one office to currently over 200 offices, the SVN franchise has grown and is stronger than ever.  The world is changing and so is SVN.  We have a new brand, a new logo, and a new vision.

SVN will continue to honor the strength of our existing brand that many have helped build over the years.  A contemporary and powerful new logo now pairs up with our new company name and although its simplicity is evident, there is a commanding meaning behind the name and design.  The three pillars still keep the essence of our buildings and represent our brand qualities of openness, transparency and collaboration.  The orange ring is our network; the SVN energy, that is supported by another outer ring of trust.

Trust! A simple word defined the ability of a placing confidence in another person.  It may be a simple word, but its meaning is the quintessential representation of what SVN stands for.  As the New Years rolls around the corner, the SVN Phoenix office will be sharing more exciting news, so stayed tuned in January.

SVN CEO & President, Kevin Maggiacomo took some to share the real SVN Difference with reporter, Patricia Kirk in an exclusive interview with BisNow.  To read more about the diversity and global expansion plans for 2016, read it here: