New ownership at el Pedregal brings new opportunities for tenants to join the one-of-a-kind outdoor shopping center anchored by the legendary Boulders Resort. Considered to be a niche shopping destination, the iconic el Pedregal is distinguished by its architecture, variety of shops, dining and an outdoor entertainment area that draws winter visitors, snowbirds, local residents and resort guests that visit annually. el Pedregal is also conveniently located near the new luxury homes site development on the Boulders golf courses.

“The new owners, Columbia Sussex, have invested millions of dollars into renovations at the Boulder’s Resort which truly demonstrates their dedicated commitment to recapturing the rich history and traditions of both the resort and el Pedregal. We can now offer exclusive new leasing opportunities and look forward to a successful new season,” said David Stedman, the Boulders Residential & Retail Property Manager.

Unlike a typical shopping plaza, el Pedregal is a two-level open-air marketplace draped in the shadows of the ancient boulder formations. Situated on eight acres, el Pedregal offers 80,000 square feet of retail shops and restaurant space. Suites that range from 1,000 to 6,500 square feet, can cater to a creative blend of retail options from fashion, art and floral to wine and cigar shops, CrossFit or health and wellness centers.

For restaurateurs, el Pedregal offers a vibrant, fun environment where culinary experiences can range from fine dining to pizza, gelato, or a tantalizing gastropub. The captivating setting, with a beautifully landscaped courtyard and water features, is ideal for a date night or to catch a concert in the courtyard thanks to the 1,200-square-foot amphitheater with professional raised stage and lighting. The plaza can accommodate 1,600 guests for special events, weddings or a
dinner event for more than 300 people.

“We’re excited to partner with el Pedregal at the Boulders to help provide a dynamic tenant mix that will complement the resort and reach the hundreds of annual visitors to the state,” said Michael Farrar, President of Soho International, a leading commercial real estate firm.

Iconic Design
The culturally aesthetic architecture resembles an ancient Moroccan oasis with towered walls that reflect the colors and blends with the preservation of the high Sonoran Desert. Its soft curvilinear sculpted form has massive flowing textured walls, irregular shapes and landscaping using plants indigenous to the region. A 36,000-square-foot courtyard is highlighted by fourteen colors inspired by the vibrant desert flowers and integrated with the interior desert features. A water feature filled with koi fish cascades from the rocks down to the center courtyard. A 60-foot watchtower graces the northern face of the project and is in the shadow of the 250-foot rock formations. Three entrances, at different levels, create interest while the raised main balcony entrance features a celebrated doorway with color indentions. A natural 30-foot wide arroyo lines the south end and runs beneath a footbridge that connects the parking lot to the courtyard.

Rich in History & Tradition
el Pedregal, named after a 2,500-year-old Mexican volcano, means “A Place with Many Stones.” Inspired by the magnificent terrain, el Pedregal’s desert-sensitive design reflects the natural rock formations and the Sonoran environment the center sits on, the Basin and Range Physiographic Province, which resulted more than 1,800 million years ago from the block movements along parallel faults trending northwest. Five geologic units including granite, quartz, decomposed granite soils, and recent alluvium exists within the terrain boundaries.