Vermaland, a leading Phoenix-based land banking and residential land development company is leading the way in solar power development throughout the Valley and announced that as of today, the company has development contracts on 16 solar farm sites with several solar power developers, totaling nearly 10,000 acres.

Since 2007, Vermaland has been aggressively marketing their properties as potential solar farm sites for solar power developers.

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“Our search for land throughout Western Arizona is an active and persistent endeavor, as our sites have made so much rapid progress in recent years,” said Kuldip Verma, founder and CEO of Vermaland. “Once completed, the projects will produce approximately 2,000 megawatts of electrical power, the equivalent to providing electricity to 400,000 homes. We have plans to double this capacity over the next few years.”

Verma and his team recently completed five different deals in the West Valley and Southeast Valley. Each deal ranges from 700 to 3,000 acres in size. In addition to these solar deals, Vermaland is actively searching for land totaling 320 acres or more, however, in their search, they are noticing the decline in available land.

“As Phoenix continues to grow, we are looking for new opportunities to prioritize land in Western Arizona,” said Verma. “However, despite the amount of vacant land, the search has proven to be a limited endeavor as there is a limited supply of land that is actually available for purchase.”

Vermaland has been a wholesale buyer and seller of land for more than 20 years, owning thousands of acres of land in the Metro Phoenix area. In addition to several solar projects, Vermaland most recently completed a gated community of homes in the White Tank Mountains off Highway 303 and Dunlap Avenue. Their next occupancies for solar farms will accompany their wish to ethically provide electricity and advocate for the benefit of solar living.

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