Vitamin Shoppe is locating its new West Coast distribution facility to Avondale, into an existing newly-built 187,000-square-foot building, in an agreement unanimously approved by the Avondale City Council.

The Avondale City Council approved the deal on Jan. 17 for Vitamin Shoppe to move into the warehouse near Van Buren Street and 123rd Avenue.

Vitamin Shoppe will move its West Coast distribution center to the Coldwater Depot Center near Van Buren Street and 123rd Avenue. (Photo courtesy of the City of Avondale)

The Vitamin Shoppe’s senior vice president, Richard Tannenbaum, said his company was attracted to the Avondale warehouse because it was close to major transportation lanes, available skilled labor in the area and the working relationship the Vitamin Shoppe has with local supporting businesses.

“The Coldwater Depot Center will be a flagship facility for the Vitamin Shoppe and enable us to enhance service and speed to our stores and e-commerce customers,” Tannenbaum said.