HCLA 2014: Medical Company of the Year



Ventana is driving personalized healthcare through the development of “companion diagnostics” to identify patients most likely to respond favorably to specific therapies. Ventana has worked is currently engaged in more that 150 collaborative projects to develop and commercialize companion diagnostics globally.


Medtronic announced and launched several products and studies in 2013. Some of the announcements include the first human implant of the world’s smallest, minimally invasive cardiac pacemaker and FDA approval to enroll the first U.S. renal denervation clinical study for patients with moderate uncontrolled hypertension.

W.L. Gore and Associates

W. L. Gore and Associates expanded FDA approval for its Viabahn endoprosthesis, which is a treatment of stenosis and thrombotic occlusions related to synthetic vascular access grafts. They also enrolled their first patient in a clinical trial of their Excluder iliac branch device that treats patients with common iliac artery aneurysms.

HCLA 2014 Winners & Finalists

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