10 Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims

After any kind of accident, from boating and automobile accidents to a dog bite or boating crash, the moments after can be confusing and frightening. Depending on your injuries and the situation, you may be looking at a personal injury lawsuit and in that case, it’s important to be on guard and and ready for anything that may be thrown at you.

Many people look to their insurance company for help through this difficult time, but that can detrimental to your case. It’s important to know the motivation behind the actions of insurance adjusters and act accordingly. Their primary focus is to save the insurance company money which means they do not have your best interests at heart. What may seem like friendly and concerned banter, could potentially hurt you in the future when making a claim. That’s why Phoenix personal injury attorneys Triumph Curiel and Derick Runion put together this list of Ten Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims as well as the top ten insurance companies known for using them. It’s a must read for everyone and helps us all be better prepared if we end up in a frightening situation.


Carli Leavitt. Carli handles outreach and public relations for Phoenix personal injury law firm Curiel & Runion.


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