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Gianna Miller is currently attending Arizona State University, pursuing a BAE in English Education and a B.A. in English literature. Born in Iowa but raised in Arizona, she loves living in Tempe. She working as a writing tutor on ASU Downtown Phoenix campus, and she loves hiking, going to concerts and watching movies.

Solar Concepts’ Solatube Reduces Home Energy Use

Solatube - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Solar Concepts’ Solatube reduces home energy use and your electricity bill For those looking to help save energy and preserve our environment, the switch to natural lighting systems is a bright idea. Current trends show more people are switching from light bulbs to natural lighting, with one popular product being tubular skylights. They offer bright,… Read More →

Peak Performance Training Improves Athletic, Business Performance

Center For Peak Performance

We all know athletes go to the gym to work out their bodies, but did you know many of them are also working out their brains, too? Top athletic performance comes from more than just physical training, so more and more athletes are aiming to get that extra edge through peak performance training of the… Read More →

Cult Movies Find Its Home At The Royale, Downtown Mesa

The Royal Independent Arthouse, Mesa, Ariz.

While the majority of the population was in line for midnight showings of the newest and last installment of Harry Potter, I made my way to a much less crowded theater in downtown Mesa. The Royale Independent Arthouse is the new permanent home of the “Midnite Movie Mamacita,” which shows independent films and B-movies. Entering the cozy… Read More →

September Concerts: Phoenix Summer Series

Summer Series: Photo: Gray_um, Flickr
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The weather may cool down a little after the month of August, but the concerts in Phoenix will be as hot as ever. As summer comes to a close, Phoenix welcomes top performers at September concerts. There’s still time to check out the artists coming to town in July and August, but be sure to add these… Read More →

Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park, Photo: Teofilo, Flickr
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Located a mile north of Winslow lies Homolovi State Park, “Ancestral Hopi Villages.” The park preserves over 300 archeological pueblo sites, mainly built by the ancestors of the Hopi tribe. Located along the banks of the Little Colorado River, the villages housed these ancestors from approximately 1260 to 1400 A.D. Originally opened as a state… Read More →

Phoenix Summer Concert Series: August Shows

Phoenix Summer Concert Series: August Shows, Photo: Respres, Flickr
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There’s more to summer in Arizona than the unbelievable heat. The concerts happening in town this summer are even hotter, whatever your musical taste is. Check out the artists coming to town in July, and stay tuned for shows in August and September as well. With so many concerts throughout the rest of the summer,… Read More →

July Concerts: Phoenix Summer Series

Summer Concert Series July Shows, Photo: Kevindooley, Flickr
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Don’t have any time for a vacation this summer? Well you can still have fun in town; check out upcoming July concerts in the Phoenix area. There are a lot of great July concerts, but stay tuned for shows in August and September as well. With so many concerts throughout the rest of the summer,… Read More →

Tempe Town Lake July 4th Festival Celebrates 60 Years

Tempe Town Lake July 4th Festival

Everyone has their July 4th traditions, and for many Arizonans, it’s heading to the Tempe Town Lake July 4th Festival. This year marks the event’s 60 year anniversary, produced by the Kiwanis Club of Tempe. This year’s attendees can expect a fresh take on the traditional attractions of the event. Activities include an eclectic lineup… Read More →

Top Ten Sports Bars To Take Dad For Father’s Day

Top Ten Sports Bars, Photo: Paul Lowry, Flickr
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  After all they have done for us, our dads certainly deserve a fun-filled day in their honor. So what better way to show them a good time than to sit back and enjoy some of America’s favorite pastime? This Sunday is Father’s Day, and the Dbacks are playing the White Sox at Chase Field… Read More →

The Habit Burger Tempe Offers Fresh Atmosphere, Tasty Burgers

The Habit Burger Tempe Review
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A guilty fan of In & Out Burger, Five Guys, Smashburger and any other above-average-fast-food burger joint, I went into Habit Burger expecting to thoroughly enjoy a familiar burger in a familiar setting. Little did I know I would find a unique atmosphere with a burger that surpasses its competition in both taste and presentation. The… Read More →

Bartab App Sends $1 Drinks, Encourages Social Interaction

Bartab App To Get Dollar Drinks
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What can’t we do on our cell phones nowadays? With a new application, customers are able to redeem dollar drinks at their favorite local bars. Bartab is a free mobile application that allows people to send and receive $1 drinks at participating bars. The application connects with Facebook, allowing you to send your friends drinks… Read More →

Show Phoenix Pride And Take Favorite Cities In The U.S. Survey

Show Phoenix Pride, Photo: Michael Ruiz, Flickr

Travel & Leisure is back with its annual survey: Favorite Cities in The U.S. Residents and visitors rank 35 major cities based on eight major categories with Phoenix a contender. So which city is the best? That’s for you to decide — and we’re hoping Phoenix! The survey first inquires whether or not the submission… Read More →

Phoenix Comicon 2011 Brings In Over 23,000 Attendees

Phoenix Comicon Brings In Over 23,000 Attendees, Photo: Jonathan,
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Call the fire marshal; Phoenix Comicon 2011 was too hot to handle. While the size of the convention exploded at last year’s 2010 convention when it was moved to the downtown Phoenix area, this year’s convention on the exhibition floor surpassed its maximum capacity of 10,000 people on Saturday — therefore causing the fire marshal… Read More →

Independent Movies: Top 5 Summer Movies

Top 5 Independent Movies This Summer, Photo: Rasdourian, Flickr
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Independent Movies: We’re all ready to see Harry Potter and X Men First Class this summer; some of us even already have our tickets to the midnight showings. But what about those other underground movies that go overlooked because they aren’t heavily promoted, fanboy blockbusters? What about independent films? An independent movie is characterized as… Read More →

Top 5 Movie Parodies on YouTube

Movie Paradies on YouTube
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We love movies; we love mockery; so movie parodies seem to be the perfect gift from the YouTube gods. Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, but this form of imitation does anything but flatter. There are so many different techniques for a movie parody, whether the creator combined two completely contrasting… Read More →