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Arizona Spa Girls Celebrates 10 Years In Business, Comments On Growing Spa Industry

Trips to the spa have not only become a vital part of women’s (and men’s, believe it or not) health and wellness, but they have also contributed to the nation’s economy. According to the International Spa Association, from 1999 to 2010, the number of spas in the United States increased from 4,140 to 19,900 and revenue grew from $5 billion to $12.8 billion.

Lisa Kasanicky, founder of Arizona Spa GirlsLocally, Lisa Kasanicky, founder of Arizona Spa Girls, an online guide to spas, salons and beauty and wellness facilities throughout Arizona, can attest to the growing spa industry and increased number of spa-goers. (And this month, Arizona Spa Girls is even celebrating its 10th year in business!)

Why do you believe more women are heading to the spa?

I know first-hand from talking to women who attend our events that more of them are recognizing the true health benefits that come from a day at the spa. While the whole “mind, body and spirit” philosophy sounds trite these days, it’s so true. The spa experience merges the healing power of touch with the peace of mind that comes from shutting off your digital connection to your obligations and responsibilities — even if just for a few hours. More and more women get that. They truly do emerge from a spa day with a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation — and a glowing complexion and relaxed muscles to boot!

In your opinion, about what percentage go to spas for health- and wellness-related reasons?

In my non-scientific opinion, I would say 99 percent of people go to a spa with health and wellness at the forefront of their intentions. A decade ago, “going to the spa” was more of a mysterious place where only the wealthy flitted off to. Now, spas have become much more accepted as a place to clear your mind, care for your body and skin and spend time reconnecting in an intimate setting with friends or your spouse. Relaxation and wellness go hand in hand.

According to the International Spa Association, men make up about 30 percent of spa-goers. Why do you believe more men are heading to spas?

I think men are seeing women benefit both mind and body from going to a spa, and they want that, too. And they should have it! Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if we were all able to go to a spa once a month? Even a monthly massage takes the edge off. Heck, even a good eyebrow plucking can give you a new perspective on things.

What spa trends do you foresee for 2013? Will spa-goers gravitate toward specific treatments? Will they be focusing on one area more than others?

I see even the most plush and luxurious of our resort and destination spas getting more high-tech with skincare services. I think we’ll see spas integrating more results-oriented, cutting-edge anti-aging facials using lasers and light therapy. I think — I hope — we’ll see less plastic-looking cosmetic surgeries being replaced with these non-invasive technologies. In the end, though, I think that most massage therapy will remain the most-requested spa service because of our society’s ever-increasing on-the-go mentality.

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