If a printer in your workplace has suddenly stopped working and your IT team can’t find the issue, then you will have to hire a printer repairing service to keep things moving. Generally, when something like that happens, employees take control of the situation and try to restart the printer several times. You can also try updating the software of the printer, but if that does not work, you will end up calling a printer repair service. But when it comes to hiring a printer repair or maintenance service, you need to make sure that you are hiring the right service by keeping the following things in mind:


The first thing you need to do is make sure that the servicing company you are hiring has been doing this for quite some time. When you hire a printer repair service, you may not just be hiring them for one printer repair; you will need maintenance service for all your office printers from time to time. So instead of going for a company that is new and offering cheap packages, go for a company that has good experience in printer repairs and will send experienced professionals to fix your printers. You can also try Advanced Print Scan Solutions as they have years of experience in printer maintenance and repairing.


When people hire a printer repair service, they don’t usually bother to check whether they are a certified company or not. Make sure that the company you are hiring has all the right certifications and is not an unreliable service provider. Also, ask them about their employees and their certifications as well. If they offer training programs to their employees, inquire a bit about it, so you will know that they have the right skills. You don’t want just any technician playing around with your printer as they can end up damaging it more.

Check Reviews

Checking the reviews of the company on their website or social media place will also help you know more about the kind of service they provide. Whenever we are purchasing something from an online store, we look at the review section first and then make the purchase. But we don’t realize that the reviews aren’t just available for online clothing stores there are available for almost all kinds of business. If a company has a Facebook page or a Google account, then it means you will be able to find reviews about them easily. Read the reviews, and if you find them satisfactory, then you can consider hiring that company.


The reason you hire a professional printer repairing and maintenance service in the first place is that you want your printer fixed as soon as possible, and if a company cannot provide you that, then what is the point. While calling for the service, ask them how much time it will take them to fix the printer and what guarantees do they provide. If the estimated time they give you does not work for you, then you can consider hiring another service provider.