Healthy Outcomes

Michael Gossie, Managing Editor
We’ve all ridden the rocky road of the economy over the past several years. Hopefully, the road ahead will be a little more smooth than it’s been in the past. But for Arizonans, one sector of the economy has remained healthy.

Appropriately, that’s healthcare. According to a recent study by ZipRecruiter, Phoenix is No. 1 city for healthcare jobs. Thankfully, we can expect that sector to remain a strength, thanks to the forward-thinking innovators who orchestrated Arizona’s Bio-science Road-map in 2002. The 10-year plan was designed to boost bio-science in Arizona and it worked. Since
the Bio-science Road-map was launched in 2002:

• Bio-science jobs in the private sector increased more than 45 percent in Arizona.
• The number of bio-science firms in Arizona increased by more than 31 percent.
• Bio-science wages increased by 44 percent in Arizona.

The best thing is Martin L. Shultz, chair of the Arizona Bio-science Road-map Steering Committee, helped update the Bio-science Road-map to reflect new goals, strategies and potential action steps to lead the state to its vision of becoming a global competitor and national leader in select areas of the bio-sciences. The updated Road-map will carry us through the next 10 years. In this issue of Az Business magazine, AZBio President and CEO Joan Koerber-Walker writes about what lies ahead for the bio-science sector.

The business community knows that the work being done in bio-science in Arizona is improving the health for everyone. That’s not just good for Arizona. That’s changing the world.

Michael Gossie, Editor in Chief

Michael Gossie