There’s one overarching mission that unites every hotelier, whether you’re front office staff, back office workers, in house-keeping, or part of the food and beverage operations: delivering a seamless and high-quality guest experience. 

With the plethora of data collected by the hotel, whether through feedback forms, loyalty programs, or sources like the Duve hospitality platform – guest experiences can – and should – be personalized to meet every individual’s unique needs. 

Here’s a list of a few creative ways that guest data can be used to leverage hospitality analytics and hyper personalize guest experience for memories – and brand loyalty – that will never be forgotten.

1. Offer customized offers, services, and experiences 

With the trend in hospitality moving towards experiences – instead of just a room stay – one of the best ways to use guest data is to offer truly unique and one of a kind services that match guest preferences, and which you know they are sure to love. 

For example, If a guest is inclined towards fine dining, you could offer a complimentary meal at a restaurant on the premises – including an experiential wine-pairing session, or a meet-and-greet with the head chef. Families with children could benefit from suggestions for fun, kid-friendly activities such as water sports, guided nature walks, art and craft sessions, or a visit to a child-friendly nearby attraction. 

For fitness enthusiasts, sessions with a personal trainer or access to specialty fitness classes could be a fantastic upgrade to suggest. You could also provide wellness-focused extras such as nutritional meal plans, yoga sessions, or spa services for those interested in holistic wellbeing. For business travelers, recommended upgrades could include the express laundry services or convenient airport transfers. 

2. Create personalized all in one packages 

Above, we’ve outlined ways to customize and enhance the guest experience by curating activities, experiences, and amenities that guests will enjoy during their stay. Another effective way to offer guests these offerings – and drive revenue – is to include these options in personalized all-in-one packages tailored to guest preferences. 

Hotel guests aren’t just looking for a room – they’re looking for the convenience of having amenities on site, various dining options, and personalized service. In short, what they’re looking for is convenience. And there’s no better way to make a stay even more convenient for a guest than by offering them comprehensive customized packages that save them the hassle of researching, selecting, and booking activities – whether on or off the premises.  These comprehensive packages go beyond the conventional room stays and can pre-include customized dining options, tailored activities, or preferred amenities in line with guest preferences. 

3. Personalize their room 

Personalizing a guest’s room to align with their preferences can make a significant difference in their stay, transforming a standard hotel room into a ‘home away from home’. 

This can involve restocking the minibar daily with their preferred drinks and snacks, or perhaps arranging a daily selection of their favorite flavors in terms of chocolates, fruits, or teas and coffees. Room décor and ambience are also areas ripe for personalization. 

For instance, if a guest prefers a particular type of pillow or enjoys a certain room fragrance, ensure these are available and ready when they enter the room. Even without detailed information on the guests, it’s possible to personalize rooms by simply customizing door signs – such as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign or a ‘Please Clean My Room’ sign with the guests’ name. 

Celebrate special occasions 

If a guest at the hotel is celebrating a special occasion, use that knowledge to help them celebrate the occasion and make it truly memorable. For  instance, if a guest is celebrating their birthday, arranging a surprise delivery of their favorite type of cake in their room can create a memorable moment. If it’s an anniversary, consider a complimentary upgrade to a suite, a romantic dinner setup at a restaurant, or a special serenade from the hotel band. You can also decorate their room in honor of the celebration:  

For example, balloons and party decor for birthdays, or roses and candles for anniversaries. A personalized greeting card expressing your best wishes can also leave a lasting impression and serve as a memento they can take home, serving as a memory of their stay on the property.