Holon Solutions, a healthcare IT solutions company, and Banner Health Network (BHN), the community physician network for Phoenix-based Banner Health, today announced the adoption of Holon Solutions’ CollaborNet platform. 

The technology works alongside each practice’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  When a member of the care team opens a patient’s chart in the EMR, Holon senses the context and displays the patient’s gaps in care based on claims data available through BHN. At the practice level: multiple steps in the workflow have been eliminated, there is a reduction in the number of systems accessed per task and data sharing between practices.  The value to the practice: more time. 

“By aligning the key stakeholders of providers, the health system, and the health plan with contextual insights, the vision of value-based care comes to life.  Removing the barriers of fragmented technologies to serve data to the right people at the right time empowers our clients to provide better care, at a lower cost, all while lessening the burden on the care team,” said Robert Connely IV, Chief Strategy Officer, Holon Solutions.

“This innovative technology will help us solve an interoperability challenge that many health care providers face today,” said David Coe, Vice President of Data Management, Analytics and Population Health Management Technology at Banner Health. “We can now push critical patient information to providers in real time, without burdening them – it’s like a tap on the shoulder. In return, we seamlessly retrieve real-time clinical data. This enables our joint venture to thrive: presenting consistent metrics to reduce care variation across our network and gather clinical data to enrich our analytics.”

Banner|Aetna, the Arizona health care companies owned by Banner Health and Aetna, have created revolutionary health care by retiring the fee-for-service model and employing a value-based care model that aims to provide a better member experience at lower costs.

In order to encourage better member outcomes, lower costs and make care more efficient for all stakeholders – a component of Banner|Aetna’s strategy is to adopt innovative technology as a conduit to payer-provider collaboration. Holon’s CollaborNet is a unifying technology that agnostically delivers patient-specific insights to and from the point of care. Throughout their network, providers receive timely data to empower their performance all within the workflow. In return, Banner|Aetna seamlessly retrieves clinical data through the Holon solution. 

“Implementing this new technology will be a game changer for Banner|Aetna,” said Tom Grote, CEO at Banner|Aetna. “Holon has the ability to gather information from the EHRs of affiliated providers. This will allow us to universally push insights to providers, and have a simplified and comprehensive data set to analyze when looking at the overall health of the population. Now, we can see opportunities to refine care delivery or coding, thereby improving our ability to lower costs for employers and members, and to improve member outcomes.”