ZorroSign, Inc., a global leader in blockchain-based digital signatures and digital transaction management, today announced the relocation of its worldwide headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona.

“We’re very excited to establish our global operations hub in Greater Phoenix,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO of ZorroSign. “The region offers a supportive ecosystem for a rapidly growing tech company like ours—with mechanisms in place at the academic, state and municipal levels—especially through the efforts of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development teams which helped drive our decision to relocate.” 

After considering several markets over the last six months, ZorroSign chose the Phoenix market because of its supportive technology ecosystem, access to talent from top-ranked universities, pro-business and friendly regulatory environment, and the quality of life and affordability the region affords. ZorroSign will maintain offices in Dubai, UAE; Colombo, Sri Lanka; and Mumbai, India; and will immediately start hiring for sales development and technology roles. For current open positions and application information, please visit https://www.zorrosign.com/careers/

“We welcome ZorroSign as they open their global headquarters in the City of Phoenix. We are a place where businesses thrive and I am confident ZorroSign will contribute to the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit we have here,” said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego.

As an initial phase of this move, ZorroSign will set up their global operations hub and headquarters at Grand Canyon University (GCU) Canyon Ventures Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The company will also establish links with blockchain-related research and development (R&D) work at both GCU and Arizona State University (ASU) campuses, while accessing the excellent academic and business-building support that Canyon Ventures offers.

“The Canyon Ventures Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was a perfect fit for ZorroSign in large part because of the talent that GCU continues to graduate and contribute to Arizona’s technology workforce,” said Robert Vera, director of Canyon Ventures. “Our students will greatly help ZorroSign’s use of a blockchain secure ledger system to create fraud-proof transactions.”

ZorroSign’s digital business platform is built on private, permissioned blockchain technology for maximum privacy and security. As part of ZorroSign’s commitment to corporate citizenship, and understanding of the current economic climate, the company will help Greater Phoenix businesses securely go digital in the new economy by providing companies with a free trial and support services.

“ZorroSign’s decision to relocate their Global Operations Hub to Greater Phoenix helps solidify our region’s position as a place where technology companies can thrive and scale operations seamlessly, while recruiting personnel to fulfill a variety of roles,” said Chris Camacho, president and CEO at GPEC. “We’re always in relentless pursuit of innovative technology companies committed to changing the game, and ZorroSign offers unique solutions to help businesses meet increasing digital demands.”

“We’re proud that following a competitive process, ZorroSign has selected Phoenix as the location for its Global Operations Hub,” said Sandra Watson, president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “Thanks to investments from forward-thinking companies like ZorroSign, Arizona continues to advance our reputation as the best location anywhere in the world for emerging tech companies to scale.”