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Indoor and Outdoor Plants

1 Jul, 2013

Plants can lend a lovely touch to your home, as well as a (literal) breath of fresh air. However, if…

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Go Outside, Cool Down? MistAMERICA's Outdoor Comfort Showroom

11 Jun, 2013

MistAMERICA, a multi-award-winning innovator in outdoor cooling, shade and heating solutions, will open the world’s first Outdoor Comfort Showroom June…

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Tiling Your Way to Backyard Artistry with Alpentile

1 May, 2013

Designing an outdoor living space can include as much artistic flare and color as desired. From stone wall sidings to…

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Outdoor Design Trends: Earth, Water, Fire and… comfort

24 Apr, 2013

Each year, while the rest of the country is buried under a blanket of snow, leaving many hidden inside and…

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Eco-Friendly Tips for a Greener Garden

19 Mar, 2013

A green yard and garden doesn’t always mean it is an eco-friendly one. After all there can be many substances…

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Sandy Beaches, Resort-Inspired Pool Spaces Transform One’s Backyard

13 Aug, 2012

There’s No Place Like Home: Sandy beaches, resort-inspired pool spaces and more transform one’s backyard All sweating aside, it’s never…

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6 Advantages To Using Elegant, Plastic Outdoor Furniture

6 Aug, 2012

Elegant plastic. Like “pretty dumb,” “virtual reality” and “little giant,” describing plastic as elegant is an oxymoron for many. Somehow…

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Increase Your Well-Being In Your Own Backyard

14 May, 2012

From yoga to cardio, increase your well-being by transforming your backyard into a personalized space for enjoyment and self improvement.…

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Create A Shabby Chic Or Vintage Look In Your Backyard

10 Apr, 2012

Baby, It’s Bold Outside: Add splashes of color in your backyard with furniture and decor. Create a splash in your…

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Transform Your Backyard Into A Paradise

27 Feb, 2012

Backyard Paradiso: Transform your backyard and entertain your guests outdoors. Any patio can be turned into luxurious space given the…

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