Keeping up with the season’s trends is always fun, but sometimes it can feel impossible to bend the summer fashion trends enough to be appropriate in a business setting. June hits and Arizona throws in its extreme temperatures while everyone panics about how they plan to survive the summer months at work. Of course, it is important not to forget general best practices such as wearing lighter colors and natural fabrics, but let’s dive into what 2023 summer fashion trends will pop in the office. 

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Bright, bright, bright 

The Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week runways were filled with bold colors that were made to stand out. Bright greens, reds, yellows and purples blossomed into the colors of the season. Any bright color is a great addition to a business casual look. Bright colors work as great accents in any part of the outfit and will reflect light, keeping you cool. 

Shine on in the office 

Let’s talk about true reflections because metallics are coming back. Just like with bright colors, metallics will reflect the sun’s rays and help keep the heat away. A fun metallic top or dress paired with a light unlined blazer will bring the summer fun right to your desk. Plus, with all that shine, you can ditch the jacket and be ready to go out with your friends as soon as the workday ends. 

Denim redone 

As a fabric, denim can be controversial when it comes to business settings. However, this summer denim is taking over with new designs that will make you forget how casual of a fabric it can be. Imagine denim skirts, dresses and jackets all made with a high fashion twist. Each piece will be designed with little details such as ties and beading that will elevate each item to a new level. 

Taking hems to the floor 

It might sound crazy to want anything to be long during the heat of the summer, but maxi skirts are coming back, and you will be thrilled. This style is perfect for meeting dress code requirements and will protect your legs from the two worst summer problems: sticking and chaffing. The length allows you to wear longer shorts to protect against chaffing without worry of them peeking out the bottom of the skirt and guarantees that your thighs won’t stick to any leather or plastic chairs. Pair any maxi skirt with a nice light blouse or blazer, and you will be good to go. 

Bubble up your bottoms 

Not only are hem lines dropping, but they are getting rounder too. Bubble skirts are a bold choice that will add a new flare to your business wardrobe. Any sort of jacket or shawl could hide all the fun in a bubble hem, so I would recommend pairing this style with a blouse that stands on its own: a thick strapped tank top or something short-sleeved would be beautiful and won’t be too hot under the summer sun. 

Blazers get bigger 

Jackets can be a rough call in the summer, but they are always great in the office. The trend gracing this season is all about the over-sized look. Baggy blazers will be perfect because they are classic apparel combined with space for air to flow. When shopping this trend for Arizona, you will want to be sure that the blazer does not have an inside lining. Extra linings are just extra layers making it feel even hotter. You may also consider carrying your blazer into the building and completing your outfit when you get inside the air conditioning. 

Mary Janes for days 

It’s a throwback to a classic this summer with shoes that have a Mary Jane strap. We all remember that simple strap that laid across the tops of our feet from when we were kids, and it’s back. The Mary Jane is a great office look purely for how classic it is. Simple clean lines will pair well with your whole business wardrobe. 

Ballerina flats get upgraded 

Although this is a shoe that has been back in style for a few seasons, this summer get ready for ballet flat like you never imagined them. The basic design is being turned upside down with the same bright greens, reds, yellows and purples seen in clothes on the runway. Don’t be surprised if you also see them decked out in studded rhinestones for an added flare. No matter how they come, ballet flats will always complete your outfit well. 

Big style in micro-heels 

It’s certainly time — stilettos step aside — as micro-heels take center stage among summer fashion trends. This new shoe trend will be stunning in every aspect of life. Classic pumps on a cute little kitten heel will add just the right amount of style to your daily work ensemble. Consider a peep-toe sandal on a kitten heel to keep the class and allow your feet to breathe a little bit more during these scorching summer months.