Best dog food – what fruits and vegetables can dogs eat?

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Every dog ​​breeder wants his dog to grow up healthy, beautiful, and strong. To do this, the best chewy dog ​​food must consist of nutrients. A great source is fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain many nutrients. But first, it is worth finding out which fruits and vegetables can be added to premium dog food. Yes, of course a dog is a carnivore who primarily eats raw meat. The digestive system is very different from that of humans. However, you can offer them as a treat to your pet in small quantities. Also, you can mix vegetables with dry dog ​​food from the top brands view rating here.

The main thing is not to overdo it, the basis of the dog’s food is still raw meat and premium dry or raw food like Kirkland. Also good for dogs is cereal, dairy products, fermented dairy products, as a supplement cottage cheese, quail eggs. But some people on forums share that their four-legged friends are happy to eat apples, raw carrots, cucumbers. At the same time, they do not cause food allergies, although they are poorly digested. If you decide to treat your pet with fruits, vegetables, it is recommended to give small pieces, checking the reaction of the body to the new introduced product.

Healthy fruits and vegetables for the health of dogs

A dog not accustomed from childhood to plant-based foods will in most cases refuse vegetables because they are not part of his natural diet. However, plant foods are good for pets, so they should be part of the daily diet. Discover the ingredients of super-premium Kirkland dog food from Costco. In reasonable quantities, such food is beneficial for the health of the animal, as it is a source of fiber, which improves digestion. Veterinarians recommend feeding adult dogs with vegetables and fruits, which are on the list of allowed, so that the body gets enough vitamins groups of all kinds. Let’s go over what kinds of fruits and vegetables you can give your dog.

Vegetables and fruits that you can give with the best chewy dog food

First, let’s consider what fruits and vegetables can be eaten by our pets without fear of consequences. These products are neutral, very rarely cause allergies. They can be eaten every day, as much as the animal wants, but of course we cannot force them.

Vegetables that are definitely safe

Carrots. Most four-legged pals just love chewing on carrot treats. And that’s just great! Carrots are rich in vitamins and trace minerals. Vitamin A it contains improves eyesight and lowers cancer rates, and beta-carotene makes his coat smooth and silky. You don’t have to worry about how to feed it to your dog. You can eat raw carrots, cooked or baked, whichever they prefer. Grate it on a grater with a drop of linseed oil, cut it into bars, treat it with a whole carrot. The best chewy dog food and carrot is good for the teeth, as it acts as a brush. When the puppy chews the carrots, plaque is removed and more saliva is secreted, which helps to reduce bacteria in the mouth and, therefore, reduces the disgusting odor.

Cucumbers. A great option to dilute mixed meals. This fruit is completely safe for dogs. Eliminates unpleasant odors. Rich in B vitamins. Contains micronutrients such as:

– magnesium;

– potassium;

– Vitamin PP;

– Vitamin C and B;

– vitamin B;

– carotene;

– chlorophyll.

It consists mainly of water and contains almost no fat and carbohydrates. Excellent as a means to combat excess weight. But the portion size should still be limited, so as not to develop diarrhea.

Nutmeg. Can be eaten in moderation, otherwise the animal will begin to get fat. The yams are well digested, rich in minerals and rich in vitamins B6, C, beta-carotene. Do not feed raw yams, be sure to cook, bake or boil them.

Bell peppers. Your pet can be allowed to crunch on fresh sweet bell peppers, but first you should remove the seeds. They contain healthy vitamins and beta-carotene, which is essential for a luxurious, dazzling, thick coat. It is better to buy red peppers than green or yellow ones, as they contain more nutrients. If the dog refuses to eat the raw product, it can be baked. What other fruits and vegetables can be given to puppies and adult dogs.

Pumpkin. Produt cooked boiled is suitable for pets suffering from constipation. It improves digestion and contains many useful micronutrients.

Zucchini. This fruit, like pumpkin, is very safe for animals. Its composition includes beneficial substances, potassium, folic acid, calcium. However, pumpkin is more suitable for the dog’s diet. Zucchini is given raw or baked.

Celery. The product contains a huge number of positive substances for the body. Namely:

– phosphorus;

– amino acid;

– vitamin A;

– vitamin C;

– vitamin B;

– calcium;

– sodium.

Thanks to this set of trace elements celery has the effect of reducing the possibility of cancer. It improves blood circulation and heart function. It is an anti-inflammatory, gives fresh breath. Only the stalk of celery is suitable for eating, although it has a high stiffness. Therefore, it should be cut into small pieces. It is very useful in the winter period.

Cauliflower. Unlike white cabbage, cauliflower is good for the stomach of dogs. It is quickly and easily digested without irritating the mucosa. When the gastrointestinal tract disease mixed meals can be diluted with this particular product. Since it has no coarse fiber, emptying will be easy and regular. If the gallbladder, liver are not working well, cauliflower can also be fed to the pet.

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