It can be challenging to tackle life’s responsibilities when paired with stress and anxiety. It does not help that not many people take stress seriously. Far too many fail to take care of their own mental state as they deal with a busy schedule. It often leads to such people having a panic attack – or even a psychiatric episode – and wondering where they went wrong.

While the effects of stress and anxiety can sometimes creep up on you and cause problems when you least expect it, you do not have to deal with such a situation alone. Here are just a few ways you can manage the anxiety of dealing with heavy responsibilities and a hectic schedule.

Identify your stressors

One of the reasons why stress tends to make people feel overwhelmed, and even helpless, as they try to deal with everyday responsibilities is the lack of knowledge about what exactly is causing their stress. For example, if you are having a stressful time at work, it might not be enough to know that the workplace is the cause of your anxiety. It would be a good idea to try and pinpoint the cause, as understanding is half the battle. Once you have figured out precisely what is causing the stress, you can take steps to address and alleviate the issue.

Even if it might cause more stress to pinpoint the source, it is always well worth the effort. If the source is a person, you might be able to speak to them and set things straight.

Pace yourself and mentally prepare for the days ahead

Another reason why stress tends to leave people feeling helpless is due to the lack of preparation before dealing with responsibilities. Many try to disconnect from their problems and deal with them when they have to. While it is a way of reducing stress, it can bring them back to square one when they finally have to deal with the problem – as they have not made any mental preparations to address the issue.

You can help circumvent the problem by writing down a schedule for the week. By writing down your list of responsibilities, it helps you to brace yourself for the coming days.

Take advantage of turmeric in all its forms

Whether it is the use of turmeric tea or perhaps even turmeric shots, the spice best known for giving curry its yellow color is undoubtedly one of the most active ingredients for dealing with stress. For example, a study shows that turmeric can reduce the symptoms of depression, which include stress and anxiety. It has a laundry list of health benefits that go along with its ability to manage anxiety, making it a useful spice for those looking to alleviate stress.

While it can at times feel helpless to deal with a hectic work schedule, you do not have to feel miserable every step of the way. You can make use of the methods above to help deal with the stressors of everyday life.