Would you call yourself more optimistic than most people? Chemistry.com compiled the answers to this question to reveal the Top 10 Most Optimistic Cities in America. Culling responses from over 10 million singles who took Chemistry.com’s personality test, the dating website shows where singles are the most positive and hopeful about life.

“Singles in cities these cities are particularly confident that things will work out; they never enter any competition expecting to lose; and when they do lose, they focus on how they can do better next time,” said Dr. Helen Fisher, renowned biological anthropologist and Scientific Advisor of Chemistry.com. “The dopamine system is linked with a sunny personality, and, as I expected, those living in most of these 10 cities are explorers, men and women who are highly expressive of the traits linked with dopamine. Explorers are natural optimists.”

1. Hoboken, NJ

2. Redondo Beach, CA

3. Santa Fe, NM

4. Naperville, IL

5. Boca Raton, FL

6. Newport Beach, CA

7. Mountain View, CA

8. Waukesha, WI

9. Scottsdale, AZ

10. Irvine, CA

Read Dr. Fisher’s full blog post on the rankings, “The Science of Optimism,” an ongoing blog series by Dr. Fisher focused on the bright side of dating in 2013.