Summer 2013

Health & Beauty
Staying cool and healthy

As an Arizona native, the topic of summertime beauty renews itself in my mind every hot, dry season. Every sprinkler and poolside summer and every sunburnt experience has led me to where I am today: to a desire for healthy (and protected!) skin that glows from the inside out; to a need for an energy-boosting exercise routine and to a pursuit for that one swimsuit that will enhance all the right places and conceal all the wrong ones. I also find myself stubbornly fighting the lethargic effect of those first triple digits; instead of staying inside, I crave our gorgeous sunshine, I’m inspired to be a fish whenever I can and I just want to wear that swimsuit (if I find it!) that I’m sure I decided I can’t live without.I imagine you can relate – if so, you’ve picked up the right issue. We dilineate eight easy, healthy ways (because really, who has time for 10?) to rock your swimsuit (two of my favorites that are surprisingly simple: exfoliate and wash your face every night). We share exercises you get to do at home and even nutrition tips that give your healthy summer glow an enduring jolt. I believe in the advice we share and you can trust I will be trying out these tips myself! The summer isn’t going anywhere yet; let’s make the best of it!

Stay cool and healthy!

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Hanna Hayes
Associate Editor

Home & Garden
Homemade memories

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Michael Gossie
Editor in Chief

One of my fondest memories of childhood was sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen on cold Upstate New York days and watching my grandmother make me grilled cheese sandwiches in the cast iron skillet that had been handed down to her from her mother, who got the same skillet from HER mother.The kitchen in my memory has no resemblance to the kitchen of today. Grandma’s countertops were laminate, but a generation of laminate that bears no resemblance to the slick marbled granite look that is available today.  e only island in Grandma’s house was in an Encyclopedia (remember those?), not in the kitchen.

I’m sure Grandma — who died in 1985 — never pondered the need for granite countertops, let alone some of the innovative and nontraditional countertops that Hannah Hayes writes about in this issue of Scottsdale Living. I’m sure Grandma never considered durability or appearance when she thought about her countertop. In fact, I’m sure she never thought she had a choice when it came to countertops. She just cooked on the counter that came with the house.

We are blessed to have choices today. My kitchen has granite countertops. I have an island. But some things never change. Memories are still created in the kitchen, and Grandma’s cast iron skillet still makes amazing grilled cheese sandwiches … but now it’s in my kitchen.

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