March 2016 will be Tilt Gallery’s 11th anniversary, and it is hosting special events to celebrate more than a decade of dedication to art and the education of the artists’ photographic processes.

A Tale of a Decade, curated by Ellee Bokharachi, Tilt’s new assistant director & art critic, will showcase a variety of work by Tilt’s represented artists.

During March, Tilt will  introduce the “Print Parlor,” which would give art collectors and visitors a chance to view the prints, in a setting different from other ongoing exhibitions.

Furthermore, Tilt will be introducing the Young Collectors program, which offers longer installment plans so that the youth can afford and experience the joy of living with artworks.

Other events during Tilt’s anniversary month:

  • Tilt will host a silent auction, in which more than 20 artists will participate. Bidders will automatically be entered into a lottery in which they have a chance to win a work of art.
  • Tilt will also host a lecture and presentation of process by Ron Bimrose, Artist & Educator of Fine Art at Mesa Community College on March 10 at 6pm.
  • Visitors who post photos of A Tale of a Decade during the month of March with hashtag Tale of Tilt (#taleoftilt) will also be entered into a separate lottery. Prizes will be announced.