A pocket knife is handy, and many men consider it an everyday carry. For those who do not understand why anyone should have a pocket knife, it comes in handy in different situations. You can carry it to protect yourself from unprecedented danger such as crimes, slice boxes open, hunt for dinner, cut something during camping trips, among many other tasks. The truth is, when you carry it, you always find its use. Others carry it to fulfill an inner desire, maybe because they feel odd without it. Before you dive in to purchase the best pocket knife to carry every day, let us look at some of the things you should consider so that you end up with the best blade in your pocket for all your needs. On the other hand, if you want a much bigger weapon but is discrete and handy, you might want to consider buying a sword cane.

The use of the knife

First, consider how you will be using the knife. For instance, if you are an officer, your use of a pocket knife will differ from how a mechanic will use theirs. Do you want it to be useful in your work, on weekends or camping trips? The environment in which you spend most time determines your use of the knife. For instance, will it need a waterproof handle since your work involves a lot of water? The primary benefit of the knife carries the day.

The size

Consider the size of the knife, depending on how you intend to be carrying it. Do you want to hide it in your pockets, or are you okay if anyone can spot it? For instance, if you have a work uniform with many pockets, you have more ways of carrying your pocket knife. Consider if you want to clip it or just slide it in your pocket. Since they come in different sizes (diameters and inches), the one you choose depends on your pockets’ size.

The style of the knife

Pocket knives come in various styles. Once you are familiar with how you will be carrying it, choose the style that pleases you. There are classic pocket knives that are most suitable for handling wood, while tactical pocket knives are well-suited to handle different types of modern materials such as plastics or metal. Additionally, some have a manual open whereby opening the knife entirely depends on the user. Others have an automatic opening where you just press a button to open. Some will require you to use two hands to open, while others are single-hand opening. The style you choose depends on your comfort and preferences.

The number of blades

Pocket knives also differ depending on the number of blades. We have single-blade pocket knives, multiple-blade pocket knives, and multitools. A single-bladed pocket knife is a one-purpose knife, while multi-blades can carry out the work of two or three blades. Multitools and swiss army pocket knives will contain other parts such as a tweezer, nail cutter, opener, corkscrew, and scissors. These are good for someone who finds themselves needing to perform a different set of actions within an arm’s reach.

The edges

Edges of pocket knives are different. There are serrated edges, partially serrated edges, and straight edges. Pocket knives with straight edges are good at making clean cuts, while serrated edges are good at cutting rougher materials. The partially serrated edge offers you the advantages of both.


The above are just some of the things to consider when choosing a pocket knife. Others include the material, the tip, the frame, and the ring lock. Your choice is determined by the pocket knife’s use and your preferences.