Fortunately for all dog lovers, the UK is a dog friendly nation, even whilst on holiday.

There are plenty of dog friendly holidays across the UK, you just have to find the place perfect for you and your pooch!

Always remember to follow some of the ‘golden rules’ whilst you are away with your dog, these are:

• Keep them close – try not to disturb other animals and wildlife. Using a short lead is recommended.

• This one’s a given, but always clean up after your dog.

• Look out for signs – check if there are any ‘dog-ban’ signs, especially on beaches and parks.

Once you’ve got these rules in mind, it’s time to pick your holiday location! Dog friendly accommodation is always a great option to have, as it makes life easier for all.

Keep reading so you can decide where you’d like to travel first.

The Lake District

This iconic location is one of the best places to bring your four-legged friend. With an incredible range of open places, this is a gorgeous spot for your dog to run around and let off some steam!

You can not only explore in the adventurous woods, but you can also take a beach stroll, or go lake-side and get up close to the water. So, if you don’t mind getting your pooch a little muddy – this is the place for you!

Some of the best dog-friendly places in the Lake District are, Windermere West Shore walk, Sandscale Haws beach, Aira Force and Sizergh woodland walk – your options are endless!


Cornwall is one of the most loved destinations in the UK for holiday goers, including dogs! There are plenty of places you can bring your furry friend, so no family member is left behind.

Known for its beautiful beaches, Cornwall has 51 beaches where dogs are allowed, all year round, and 81 beaches with seasonal restrictions. You can take your pick from lots of options!

If your pooch isn’t a fan of water or a busy beach, you could always take a look around The Eden Project, so long as your dog is kept on a lead and stays in the outside gardens.

Will you be taking a trip to Cornwall anytime soon?

Isle of Wight

This location has a whole range of dog-friendly attractions, so no pup will be bored or stuck inside!

Your pooch will love exploring the beaches on the island like Compton, Sandown and Ryde –

 just to name a few. Or, if you wanted to bring your furry friend on a family day out, there are multiple dog-friendly attractions on offer.

You can take a visit to The Isle of Wight Railway, where you and the family can explore the old-fashioned trains and your dog can experience the sounds and smells of a steam engine! Another top location is Yarmouth Castle, where you can uncover the history of the site, whilst your dog explores on a lead!

Which attraction will you be visiting first?

Hopefully you now have a handful of places on your list to visit. We are certain you and your canine friend will enjoy your adventures!