For more than 5,000 years, millions have embraced Old World Ayurvedic techniques and now, these ancient treatments are re-surfacing at Amara Spa and in the modern-day spa world.

Nestled amongst the red rocks of Sedona, Ariz., Amara Spa is one of the first in the state to embrace these venerable methods by introducing a new limited-time only treatment using a Kansa wand designed to harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

The wand, made of a sacred metal blend of pure tin and copper, is meant to feel like an energized healing hand as it subtly conducts electricity along the body’s meridians with the use of massage oils rich with native ingredients that envelop the aroma of the Verde Valley.

Travelers from all over the world head to Sedona to reconnect spiritually with the local environment, explore the fabled vortexes and harness the metaphysical energy for which Sedona has become famous. The spa, located at Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa, is now offering the following treatment through August 31, 2017:

Kansa Marma Point Facial ($190): Begin the 90-minute facial with deep inhalations of locally, wild-harvested blue spruce essential oil to calm the mind. The vibrational sounds of the Sedona vortex-tuned, heart chakra singing bowl will continue the state of relaxation and promote relief from daily stress. The specially designed facial massage using the Kansa wand and facial dosha oils reduces congestion and inflammation and revitalizes the skin, as the wand gently lifts muscles and pulls acidity from tissues. The journey ends with a Kansa wand foot massage that addresses all marma points in the feet.

With six treatment rooms, the full-service spa offers massages, facials, body treatments, foot and hand rituals, nail services and a variety of perfectly paired spa packages. Amara Spa also boasts a private yoga studio with complimentary daily classes for resort guests, eucalyptus steam rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers and a retail boutique selling all-natural products.

To learn more about Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa and to book your next spa treatment, visit or call 928 282 6088.