Dolce Salon & Spa's Hot Chocolate Stout Shave Rejuvenates

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How Sweet It Is: An afternoon at Dolce Salon & Spa has this guy relaxed and rejuvenated

OK, men. Let’s sack any talk that spending an afternoon at a spa is well … unmanly.
After all, in these tough times, aren’t all we all a bit more stressed out than say, 10 years ago?

That was my mindset recently when I visited Dolce Salon & Spa in Scottsdale. I had an appointment for a 40-minute spa manicure and the “Hot Chocolate Stout” shave.

Dolce Salon & SpaThe timing of my visit couldn’t have been better. Things were pretty hectic at work, and although the week was winding down (my appointment was on a Thursday), I still had a lot to do at the office.

Leah was the nail specialist who did my manicure. She said that recently she has noticed more men coming in for spa services, including manicures. What surprises her, she said, is that men don’t have all those bad habits of which we’re accused, such as biting our nails and not really taking care of them.

Mine were in decent shape, so her suggestion was a trim, buff, cuticle procedure and hand scrub.

Leah proceeded with the manicure, constantly massaging my palms and making me feel at ease. After a wonderful scrub, she wrapped my hand all the way up to my forearms in hot towels. It was a blistering 108 degrees outside, but you don’t know just how nice those hot towels felt.

After Leah removed the towels, I was treated to a pleasant massage with cucumber and melon lotion. I could have opted for the more “manly” spice lotion, but I let Leah select her favorite … and a fine choice it was.

Totally relaxed from the manicure, I was ushered to the … Relaxation Room. I was greeted by soothing music, comfy sofas with over-sized pillows, muted lighting and the gentle sound of a waterfall. I was tempted to take a quick snooze, but then Katie, my stylist, walked in and took me upstairs for my shave.

Now guys, check this out. Here’s what the “Dolce Menu” says about the “Hot Chocolate Stout” shave: “Drink from the King’s cup with this hot chocolate shave that not only cleanses, but energizes as well.”

OK, there were no cold beverages included in this package, but to sit in a relaxing chair and have someone give you a scintillating, straight razor shave … well, it was downright intoxicating.

Katie first applied a layer of hot lather to seal in moisture and protect my skin. The lather was then painted on one more time before a warmed, straight razor worked its magic. (Incidentally, I didn’t shave for two days prior to my appointment so that Katie could have something to work with).

Once she was done with the shave, Katie applied a hot towel to my face. This was followed by soothing lotion in a cool towel to relax and seal my pores.

Because my appointment was right after lunch, I returned to my office to finish out the day. However, I went back to work relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for anything — even the stress and grind of what was left of the week.

Dolce Salon & Spa

6166 N. Scottsdale Road
(480) 722-9100

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