Prioritizing physical health is top-of-mind for many as we enter a new year. Whether you’re just starting out or a fitness pro who’s overdone it in the gym, stretching is an excellent way to prepare the body for a challenging workout or soothe sore muscles during recovery. Studies have shown that when done regularly, stretching can drastically improve one’s quality of life. With benefits such as improved range of motion and decreased risk of injury, incorporating stretching into your everyday routine is something you may want to consider in 2024 to accomplish you fitness resolutions. 

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If you are embarking on a fitness journey in the new year, the following tips can help you improve your athletic performance and “stretch” your commitment to this resolution past January.

Prep Your Muscles Before Working Out

Before engaging in physical activity, it’s best to do dynamic stretches that involve more active, fluid movements. These stretches will warm up and engage the muscles and lubricate your tendons to prepare you for exercise. Just a few minutes of stretching can help you avoid injury. Examples of dynamic stretches include arms circles, leg swings and torso twists.

Stretch To Ensure Quicker Recovery

After a workout, static stretches, which don’t involve much movement, will help cool your body down and keep your muscles from getting too stiff. Examples of static stretches include toe touches, cross body shoulder stretches, and heel to glute quadricep stretches. Stretching your body after strenuous activity will ensure a quicker recovery, reduce overall soreness, and ultimately prevent serious acute and chronic injuries that come with a more rigorous exercise routine.

Improve Your Flexibility and Enjoy the Added Benefits

Like any other physical activity, stretching gets easier the more you do it. At first you might find yourself having a hard time getting into certain positions, but the more regularly you practice, the more flexible and mobile you’ll become. With more flexibility will come more strength, less pain, better posture, and improved overall physical performance.

Anyone can reap the positive health benefits of stretching, from office workers loosening up after a day at a desk to gym-goers after intense exercise. 

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