new study found Arizona is the No. 18 most fun state for seniors seeking social connection, recreation, and healthy aging.

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Is 70 the new 50? Senior citizens used to be thought of as older people nearing the end of their lives. Today, older people seem to look, act, and feel younger than they used to. They want to spend their golden years living their best lives whether they enjoy eating out with friends, playing golf, spending time with family, soaking up the sun or seeing what all the fuss around pickleball is about. 

Seniorly today released a study on the Most & Least Fun States for Seniors using the most recent federal data from the CDC, BLS, Census Bureau, and other government agencies.

A total of 11 senior lifestyle factors were analyzed in all 50 states and D.C. including average weather, the cost of living, the number of restaurants and golf courses per capita, the size of the senior population, overall health, proximity to airports for family visits, and more. 

A few key findings that led to Arizona’s ranking show seniors account for 18.3% of the population; the average weather is 60.4°F; there are three golf courses and 155 restaurants per 100,000 residents; and 9% of seniors report feeling lonely or isolated.

The 10 most fun states for seniors are Florida, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Delaware.

The 10 least fun states are Kentucky, Nevada, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, and Texas.

Visit the study to see the complete methodology and data for every state.