Pittsburgh is a city that has a lot to offer. The gastronomic and alcoholic D.N.A. of this metropolis goes much beyond Primanti’s. People are attracted to Pittsburgh because of its accessibility, safety, and attractiveness.

We decided to dig deeper and for you to know the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. We realize that if you’re a die-hard Pittsburgh supporter or moving here, you already know the picture. Do you intend to move there?

The city of Pittsburgh is stunning! Pittsburgh’s economy is one of the strongest in the nation. Comparing Pittsburgh to a similar size, it is less expensive and more relaxed.

Also, it makes a lot of effort to make its streets more livable. Pittsburgh ranks among the safest places to reside. Still, certain areas are the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

Continue reading to learn about the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

1. The Ridgemont

Located in the southwest part of the city, the crime in Ridgemont is 85% lower than the national average and 89% lower than the city average. We are making it the number one spot on our list. It lives bordered to the northwest by Westwood.

The drive from this peaceful neighborhood to the city center is short but retains a suburban charm, following a long day of work throughout the year, residents of the town’s open spaces.

2. North of Squirrel Hill

A residential area called Squirrel Hill can exist in Pittsburgh’s East End. Squirrel Hill North and Squirrel Hill South are considered one neighborhood. Squirrel Hill North is five minutes from the city and features residential lanes.

A thriving retail area, two sizable public parks, and renowned educational clubs. These authentic eateries in this area are one of Pittsburgh’s most diversified. Also sophisticated, Squirrel Hill North is quite casual.

You may visit Industry Pittsburgh and schedule a tour.

3. Carnegie East

East Carnegie in Pittsburgh is a resident of about 607 people in the southwest area. The longevity of people who call it home—many have done so for years —is the foundation of the community. East Carnegie is the place of the Union Electric Steel Corporation.

East Carnegie is third on our ranking of the safest areas in Pittsburgh neighborhoods – a total crime rate is 86% lower than the average.

4. Westwood Area

Pittsburgh’s Greater West End is home to the Westwood neighborhood. A mid-20th-century low-rise apartment neighborhood may stand in Westwood.

On our ranking of Pittsburgh’s safest neighborhoods, Westwood stands ranked sixth. One of the top primary schools in the area, crime is seldom ever a concern there.

5. Neighborhoods In Pittsburgh Called Fairywood

Fairywood is also situated in Pittsburgh’s West End and receives negative news. It used to exist for two things: enormous former cosmopolitan and sky-high crime. But since then, a lot has changed.

It broads up by nature, leaving a massive space in the community. According to data, Fairywood stands as Pittsburgh’s seventh safest neighborhood.

Choose a Safe Place to Live

A safe area to live in should be a top focus if moving to Pittsburgh and funding your future. Homeowners can expect to pay less for insurance and enjoy lowering crime rates. One of the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh is the place to be for people aiming to invest in their future.

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