To have the right posture, you adjust your chair to meet the desk height for the elbows to be higher than the desk level. The position is critical when working since without support to your feet, you experience poor blood circulation and back pains that can lead to future health. However, when you are shorter, you might find your feet lifted from the floor and unable to position your feet flat on the ground. In such cases, you need foot rest to increase your comfort and improve blood flow.

Below are the reasons you need a footrest.

1. They offer Better Posture and Support for Shorter People

When you spend a long time sitting on your desk, you might find you feel achy and stiff as you get up and the effect is magnified when you continue sitting in that position. With the time you spend in the office, your posture can suffer. However, footrests can help as they provide good posture that involves keeping your hips above your knee level, moving your feet, and sitting up straight. Therefore, when you have a back impairment or feel pressure on your back when sitting, you can use an ergonomic footrest that comes in rocking and stationery designs.

While you can find chairs designed for shorter users, footrests are a great way to get the benefits of ergonomic chairs without limiting your options. To get maximum benefits from the chairs, you need to seat with feet on the floor that can be difficult when you are smaller. However, a footrest enables shorter users to rest their feet and distribute weight even when the chair can’t get lower for them the reach the floor.

2. They Improve Blood Circulation

You don’t need to stand and roam in the office for better blood circulation since moving around while sitting on your desk can help. Among the simplest ways to achieve this is through foot support that improves blood circulation to reduce cardiovascular and circulatory problems.

Along with a footrest, ensure you maintain a better posture by regularly adjusting your position on the desk and standing for 10 minutes to stretch out. Also, you can try a standing desk that gives the benefits without interrupting workflow.

3. They Increase Body Energy

When your legs have more room to move, you will feel more energized than when stationary throughout the day. If you often want to curl under your desk to take a nap, you lack adequate energy for work and you need to freely move your leg to transfer energy throughout the body. As you feel more energetic, you deliver on your work as expected.

Sitting for long can cause discomfort and back pain due to the position of your body. By slightly raising your legs, you prevent damage to your back and get immense comfort. When comfortable, you get more engaged in your work.


Incorporating footrest in your work ergonomics allows you to work comfortably and productively, since you can enjoy the comfortable feel of the Everlasting Comfort footrest that uses your body heat to conform and soften around the feet for more comfort and energy.