You have already paid for your flight tickets and booked the hotels rooms you will be laying your head during your trip. What remains is getting your luggage together. Packing for a long vacation is a task that most people do not look forward to. However, having a checklist to guide you through on what to prioritize will help you pack essentials and not desirables when flying out.

Here is an inspirational list to keep your luggage limitation realistic:

Your passport

Forget to carry your passport to the airport will not only make you start your vacation on a bad note but also you could end up missing your flight. First thing first – pack your passport before anything else.


Well, if you are planning to travel with a carry-on, then you will have to regulate the number of liquid toiletries to carry. Thanks to the availability of solid toiletries, you can replace your liquid toiletries which are not so easy to carry around. Do not carry makeup if you are not a fan. Whatever you do, save the packing space for only essentials.

First aid kit

You do not need a whole ER with you. What you need in your first aid kit is a few pills and medicine that you might need during your vacation.  A distracting stomachache or headache can ruin your vacation. Do not forget your allergy medicines. You might find it hard to get the pills in the country of visit.


The kind of electronics you pack for your vacation will depend on whether you are planning to work during the getaway or not. Well, you might need to carry a laptop if you will need to check on your emails during the stay. You obviously will need to take some pictures during the trip. You could use your phone’s camera if it is great. If not, remember to carry your camera and maybe an additional memory chip.

Bottom line

Having a packing list will make a significant difference while getting ready for your trip. However, you need to understand that different vacation destinations will need you to pack different specialist stuff.