A Few Facts About Kevin Helland

Senior Vice President
GPE Commercial Advisors
Born at RAF Bentwaters, Woodbridge Suffolk, England
Attended Northern 
Arizona University
With GPE for 1 year; 20+ years in Arizona commercial real estate


Sports Team: Anything Arizona
Leisure Activities: Time with 
family, golf, fishing
Destinations: Been to Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii (Great snorkeling in nearby Honolua Bay); Costa Rica; Norway (Yes, I am a Viking); Brainerd, Minn.; Australia. I would like to see France, Spain and Italy (visit villages and eat, drink, 
eat, drink).

Personal Insight

Aside from my family, I am especially proud of graduating from graduate school with distinction while working and raising a child as a single parent.


Ask me in a few months and I can divulge such an accomplishment. It is in the works.

Community Service

Helland is an active supporter of West Valley Community Little League; he has coached Arizona youth soccer; and is a supporter 
of the NAU Alumni Association.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am a classically trained chef. I worked my way up the culinary ladder and eventually became executive banquet chef at the Wigwam Resort. I still dabble in gourmet cooking and especially enjoy preparing Pacific Rim cuisine.


Received: Be humble, nimble 
and hungry.
To Share: Establish a great sense of customer service. Be honest, forthright and diligent in representing your clients. Be known for something.

For more information about Kevin Helland and GPE Commercial Advisors, visit gpe1.com.

AZRE Magazine March/April 2011