Alliance Residential Company, the nation’s largest multifamily developer and seventh largest multifamily manager, shares its continued commitment to sustainability with the release of the 2016 Alliance Citizenship + Sustainability report.

This second annual report showcases how Alliance is creating lasting change within Alliance properties, for the people who live and work there and for the multifamily industry. To improve performance, Alliance has begun tying some of its sustainability goals to overall key performance indicators which individuals and departments are accountable.

“We know that what gets measured, gets managed,” said Kelly Vickers, Alliance National director of sustainability. “With our sustainability reports, we have found it to be extremely beneficial as a way to assess our progress, seek stakeholder feedback and shape our goals, providing greater impact across the board.”

Waste management is a top sustainability priority with Alliance. The company is implementing a national waste account management program to align reporting, goals, costs and cost savings, recycling and composting programs, and to audit and scrub bills. The waste account management program will be launching during fourth quarter 2016 in Alliance’s Northeast region and will continue to roll-out nationwide in 2017 and beyond.

Water conservation efforts, especially in drought-stricken markets like California, are an increasing focus for Alliance with an 88 percent jump in properties participating in Fix-A-Leak Week from 2015 to 2016 and other water conservation efforts being implemented in more communities. These efforts have resulted in substantial water conservation, lower utility expenses and reduced water-related property damage.

Additional sustainability report highlights include:

  • Currently, 44 properties are either certified or in certification process of green building designations, including:
    • Three LEED Platinum properties
    • Two LEED Gold properties
    • Seven LEED Silver properties
  • Aggressive paperless goals and impact, launching a beta cloud storage solution in 2016 allowing the full lease file and on-site binder system to be stored on the cloud, with national roll-out in 2017.
  • Air quality improvements throughout Alliance’s portfolio, including:
    • 84 percent using green certified low-volatile organic compound (VOC) carpets
    • 59 percent using low-VOC floor score-certified hard surface flooring
    • 83 percent using low- to zero-VOC paints
  • Green cleaning products, while significantly better for the planet and people, have also shown an average 75 percent cost savings during a green cleaning beta test

Outside of property development, building and management, Alliance has also built sustainability into how the company gives back to the local communities. Alliance Cares is now streamlining to focus philanthropy efforts in strategic areas, including ecological sustainability. Nationally, Alliance has supported The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees by 2025” along with executing an annual Earth Day employee tree planting project.

“Our scale, geographic reach and priorities make it possible to build long-term value through efficient management of properties, strong and loyal relationships and responsible stewardship,” said Jay Hiemenz, Alliance president and COO. “We are proud of our progress and work to continually improve our target goals as a best-in-class multifamily company.”