AZRE Magazine November/December 2012

Face it, new media has us all atwitter

Peter MadridThis is how far technology has come since my journalism career officially began in 1980:

I was sent to cover the “Show Me Bowl,” the state high school football championships in Missouri, at the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

I remember lugging this Texas Instrument “portable” computer the size of a small suitcase. It had a teeny-weeny screen, and transmission required a dedicated line and a rotary dial telephone. To send a story to the newsroom, you put the receiver in a set of couplers, and hoped for the best.

During the baseball season, I sat in the press box at Chase Field and watched as a new generation of sportswriters posted news on Facebook pages; tweeted the latest trade rumor; and chatted with fellow sports scribes at stadiums across the country.

AZRE magazine is all about social media now, too. We have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, we send out a weekly “eblast,” and of course — we have, a site that lets us break stories affecting the local and national commercial real estate industry.

If I’m at a Valley Partnership breakfast, for instance, and the speaker says something noteworthy, I tweet about it. If I’m at BOMA’s TOBY Awards or AIA Arizona’s Design Awards, I post winners on the Facebook page.

Our goal is to inform — and entertain. Sometimes I post photos from the various events — tastefully done, of course.

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