The proposed Douglas Ranch in Buckeye.

August 29, 2022


JDM Partners reacquires stake in Douglas Ranch

 The Howard Hughes Corporation announced today that JDM Partners has exercised their remaining option to reacquire a stake in Douglas Ranch, the recently launched large-scale master planned community in Phoenix’s West Valley. The community was acquired by The Howard Hughes Corporation from JDM Partners and El Dorado Holdings last October for approximately $541 million. On August 18, JDM Partners exercised its second option to buy back into Douglas Ranch, acquiring an additional 2.8% interest in the Douglas Ranch joint venture for approximately $15 million.

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The transaction brings the aggregate of JDM Partners’ investment in Douglas Ranch—excluding Trillium, the community’s first 3,000-acre village—to approximately $65 million, which equates to approximately 12% of the joint venture. JDM Partners and El Dorado Holdings are 50/50 joint venture partners with HHC on Trillium.

Land sales at the master planned community are expected to begin this fall.