September 5, 2017


Gilbert’s GoDaddy facility will expand with $15M investment

The Town of Gilbert has announced the expansion of GoDaddy’s current Gilbert facility. This 15,000-square-foot expansion will increase the footprint on their new 10-year lease to 180,000-square-feet, will help the company retain nearly 1,400 jobs, and will result in approximately $15 million in capital investment. 

“There’s a wonderful sense of community in Gilbert. We’ve found a wealth of talented, customer-focused employees here and it’s worthwhile to invest in them and upgrade the facility.” said Calvin Crowder, GoDaddy Vice President of Global Real Estate. 

“As Gilbert’s largest employer in the technology industry, it was important for the Town to retain the nearly 1,400 existing jobs and ensure the longevity of GoDaddy’s presence in our community. We look forward to watching this global company grow right here in Gilbert,” said Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels.

GoDaddy is the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures, and one of the largest employers in Gilbert. The 24-hour customer service center in Gilbert employs nearly 1,400 people, making the facility GoDaddy’s largest operational center in Arizona. The renovation will upgrade the current facility to match GoDaddy’s other locations which are known for being fun and full of amenities.

“We’ve been known to do some unique things within our workspaces. From indoor slides, peddle-kart race tracks, and yoga rooms to professionally staffed food services teams, we take the GoDaddy employee experience to another level. Our physical workspaces are simply a manifestation of our incredible company culture and our commitment to our people,” said Crowder.

“GoDaddy has been a fantastic tenant, and we are thrilled they have decided to expand and extend their lease at their Gilbert facility. GoDaddy is an innovator when it comes to creative workspace and we are excited for the future of the facility,” said Kate Beatty, Vice President of Financial Operations at Everest Holdings. 

Renovations are set to start in fall 2017, with projected completion by early 2020.