Throughout the 52nd Arizona legislative session BOMA Phoenix closely monitored the bills that were introduced. Each year, its advocacy committee watches the legislative action for issues that affect the commercial real estate industry, but the best part of our endeavor is Advocacy Week (Feb. 16 to 20). During Advocacy Week, BOMA’s advocacy committee spent the better part of each day at the state capitol, meeting with legislators, attending sessions and hearings, and enjoying the atmosphere of government in action.

Prior to Advocacy Week, the committee reserved a number of meetings with targeted legislators. BOMA staff researched each legislator and their voting history, providing committee members with vital information before meeting with lawmakers. BOMA sent two committee members to each meeting, armed with information on BOMA and specific bills the organization’s chapter supports or opposes. BOMA found senators and representatives to be very amiable and willing to listen, if not always to vote in BOMA’s favor. Legislators recognized that BOMA members are real estate and building industry professionals, and lawmakers value the viewpoint and information they bring.

Overall, Advocacy Week was an interesting time for BOMA’s committee. The lawns outside the legislative buildings became a bit of a circus atmosphere when the legislature was in session, and the committee enjoyed the camaraderie within itself as well as the integration of other groups that descend on the state capital. There are other real estate organizations advocating for the industry alongside BOMA, but we can always use more voices. BOMA encourages you to get involved with your group, write your legislators and help protect and grow our industry.

Randy L. Barnes
Principal at RBA Architecture,
BOMA Greater Phoenix advocacy
committee chair