Cawley Architects of Phoenix recently completed a 9,130-square-foot surgery center for Spectra Eye Institute at the newly redeveloped 36,959-square-foot headquarters of Retinal Consultants of Arizona along I-17. 

Spectra Eye Institute provides specialized surgery services for patients of Retinal Consultants, the nation’s largest clinical, surgical and academic private practice and research institute treating eye conditions involving the retina, macula and vitreous. The surgery center includes four operating rooms with pre- and post-surgical spaces.

Cawley Architects collaborated with G2 Capital of Scottsdale and GCON of Phoenix on redeveloping the original building, located at 15401 N. 29th Avenue in the Arizona Business Park in Phoenix. The building was first constructed as a large fitness center. Upon being vacated by the original owner, the two-story concrete building fell into disrepair and remained vacant for more than five years.

The developer, G2 Capital, is known for turnaround projects and envisioned revolutionizing the building from an outdated fitness center into an attractive, cutting-edge office headquarters for today’s medical user. G2 Capital collaborated with the general contractor, GCON, and the architect, Cawley Architects, to reimagine the building.

Cawley Architects envisioned a modern design with enhanced features to include office windows on all sides and a new entrance, glazing, canopy and color scheme.

Redeveloping the building required the removal of a 25,000-gallon swimming pool that was located inside the original building. Demolishing the concrete block walls on the first and second floors was also necessary, leaving only the columns, slabs, walls and roof. “GCON was efficient and effective during the extensive demolition process. Their organization and creative anticipation was instrumental in the completion and transformation of this project. With their collaboration, the project was delivered on time and on budget,” said Sherm Cawley, president of Cawley Architects.

 “G2 Capital had the confidence to go all the way in reviving the building for a new purpose. G2 Capital understood that the property’s design had to transform the building in order to appeal to the current market,” Cawley said. “Cawley Architects sees this building as an archetypal project in the Valley and is seeking to do more redevelopment projects of this kind.”

G2 Capital and Cawley Architects have completed several other redevelopment projects in the past few years. G2 Capital prefers projects in the dense I-17 submarket and saw the site’s potential for a medical user since its location provides freeway visibility and access as well as a business park setting.

“Although the original building had great bones, redevelopment projects require partners with creativity like Cawley Architects,” said James Greaves, founder of G2 Capital. “We prefer to salvage buildings and repurpose them rather than constructing from scratch. The team at Cawley Architects helps us problem solve, resulting in a repurposed building relevant for today’s market.”

Retinal Consultants of Arizona purchased the building to serve as its new headquarters. The facility more than tripled the size of its previous headquarters in Central Phoenix, and serves as a state-of-the-art clinical, surgical and research facility. Retinal Consultants of Arizona has 11 physicians and a total of about 150 employees throughout its offices, which include 5 main offices and 35 satellite offices across Arizona. Physicians fly daily to clinics outside of the Phoenix-metro area.

The redeveloped building’s large conference center and waiting area with TV monitors enables Retinal Consultants of Arizona to provide enhanced continuing medical education and patient education programs. The building provides additional clinical and research space, increased patient parking, and convenient access to I-17.

“We offer our patients world-class retinal care and this new building is representative of the services we provide,” said Dr. Pravin U. Dugel, managing partner, Retinal Consultants of Arizona. “Our physicians and staff offer Arizonans the most advanced diagnostic, clinical and surgical treatments, clinical research and patient education for retina-related conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease.”