P.B. Bell, an established leader in multifamily housing development, management and acquisitions, recently announced the retirement of P.B. Bell Chairman and Founder, Philip B. Bell.

Upon his departure, the longtime namesake of P.B. Bell announced President and CEO, R. Chapin Bell will continue the family tradition of leading the company into what promises to be a bright future.

“From the age of 12, I’ve enjoyed the chance to share in every aspect of this company with my dad, from sweeping off apartment rooftops after monsoon storms, to dinnertime discussions about property development. His core principles, work ethic, and regard for people have always been at the forefront,” said R. Chapin Bell. “Every decision, every action, has been grounded in the commitment to always do what’s right, rather than what’s easy. These guiding principles are shared by everyone at P.B. Bell. They will continue to be our North Star as we blaze new trails in creating forward-thinking communities for families and individuals in a variety of markets.”

For the past 42 years, P.B. Bell has been a leader in property management across the Valley. The family-owned company places a strong emphasis on building genuine connections with residents and employees alike, while treating each project uniquely and striving to be the best in every area of the housing industry. Currently, P.B. Bell manages communities throughout the Phoenix Metro Market.

“Our five values are: Get creative, act with integrity, be accountable, show you care and enjoy the ride. We weave these values into everything we do as an organization and as individuals. I’m excited to see where the next phase of my journey with P. B. Bell takes us,” said R. Chapin Bell.

For more information about P.B. Bell and its communities, visit http://pbbell.com/